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She will be the final route done for her weight in story. Right now I'm going to finish the main 3 girls, Charlotte, Julia and Valerie, then Laura and ultimately, Eileen.

For the moment there is no sound implemented to the game. As for the alignment, I do have to fix that! The android build is different from the desktop version, but I will check it out nonetheless.

Don't worry, I'm very new to android myself. Glad it actually works! And sorry for the bandwidth, I may compress the game more in the future!

Hi! As attached in the devlog about the android version, this is what ren'py says about them:

Depending on how old your model is, you may need v8a or v7a. As I said, I'm not very good with apks, but if you try again, please let me know if it works or if not, I'll have to look for a way to solve this.

Well, wow. Thanks for making a gameplay vid, mate.

Great game. Shame it was abandoned.