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Just the milfs, for now.


Give her gifts.

You need to get a blowjob three times with any of the MILFs.

Do you happen to have the error it gives when it does?

Depends on your file version. Everything is compatible starting from 0.3

For all!

There's a money cheat that should give you enough money to buy gifts for all the characters. I do want to implement more cheats, though.

You need to level them up by giving them items.

Will do, to keep it consistent. I'm not sure if changing the version can mess with save files, though.

Will take a look at it tomorrow. As for Martha's house, it is unlocked by completing Jenny and Sadie's scene.

Only dialogue and context changes. The major differences will be added later on, but way later.

Hmmm... I get what you mean, but a lot of people don't like random elements. As it is, a lot of people claim for cheats, despite the fact that the game doesn't require a lot of grinding imo.

You do need to level them up to start a series of events in order to unlock the scene, although far simpler than the main gems (I did it this way by design). The quests would get more complex as it goes on, though, for example, I do have a whole sequence planned for Sadie and the island.

Thanks for your input, mate.

In v0.4, yes, you got to level her up, then follow her story by hanging out with her. Use your task menu.

In v0.4, there are.

I will definitely fix it, though.

Not all characters can be unlocked. And it's weird the lion says it's missing one asset. Can you give me a screenshot with the error, perhaps? I just tested it, and it works for me.

When you get on the menu when you interact with characters (the one that shows the phone as well), click on their portraits.

Do you have the error? As for the wardrobe, you should be able to access it in rose's room.

There will! The next update batches will be the townies. Barb is not in yet, nor is Sadie's house.

Yes, she is the next lined-up gem after the townies, and she will work like the main 3 crystal gems.

I will likely add an easy mode that will work as the game works at the moment. Also, cheats are coming.

Wow, nice. Somehow I missed this post. Thanks for your words! They really help.

Believe what you will, really won't change the amount of shit you get from doing something stupid publicly.

If you put yourself out in the public, and do something stupid, you get attacked, simply as.

So you just made this account to say this, huh?

If you went from 0.2 to 0.3, there's no way. But this is not something that will happen again in the future.

For this update, possibly.

find her at the Big Donut, you need some money. Then go to the Pizza Restaurant.

Wish I knew exactly what was it, though, but glad you managed to go around it!

Could you post the error?

They are meant as teasers for now.

I really need to modify that quest. What you need to do is go to the beach after seeing Garnet in the Warp Pad, pick up the statue, talk with Buck, and then use the teleporter.

How so? There's no gay content at all.

Please do. Reboot your phone and delete the cache from your phone beforehand if possible too.

Make sure you have enough space, at least 1gb.

 Advance the story with the gems.

It's a little bit if both, lol. Wanted people to notice and mess with them, usually funny to do that, so it works as an Easter egg for Nightmare hospital. But we might do something about it.

Check our discord.

Then I'm sorry to say, mate, 0.2 files can't be loaded in 0.3. However, from now on, all save files will be compatible with future versions.