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This is really neat; I'm glad I got it.

One thing that I would appreciate is maybe more squares to put unslotted pieces? I use pencil marks in sudoku and have been using specific placements inside the storage to indicate facts I know about the pieces.

It's always exciting to try to learn a new kind of puzzle!

I enjoyed the concept and execution! I do wish the camera was moved a bit out so I could plan my movement better.

I liked the general feel and mechanics and really liked that a jam game had a lot of checkpoints and was hard without being overly punishing.

Yes I had the same issue and moving it from Program Files to a folder in the C drive fixed it.

What a lovely game. I had fun with it; my teen and eight year old had fun with it. Even my three year old likes solving the basic world 1 and 2 levels.

What am I, Doctor "Checks his Itch every goddamn day?"

That was not me who called you dumb, I'm the original guy you were replying to.

I was suggesting that ICE is an organization that exists to provide jobs for angry large dudes who couldn't manage to become police officers.

Sir, how could you denigrate ICE, the make-work organization for dudes whose necks were too thick to fit into a police officer's uniform?