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Ratti Incantati has some here and Exalted Funeral will have some in a week or two!

Thanks so much! (this is the same as the backer copy).

layout is done!!! I'm gonna be getting out the preorders shortly & the PDF will go up here after that's done, & I'll let everyone know where physical copies are when that happens.

It's currently in layout! the PDF will be here as soon as it is finished.

Hi friends! this is just a super quick update on the game: currently wrapping up the art & just got the final edit back, and I'm hoping to get this to layout by the end of the week!

Thank you to everyone for being patient. I'm not usually so bad at deadlines but I broke my ankle real bad & I'm still getting caught up on work, its been a tough recovery!

Still working on it, mostly art & maps at the moment.  I'm doing monthly updates via my mailing list here: if you'd like to sign up.

I'm pretty much on the same schedule I was for Vampire Cruise so I'm feeling confident it will be done by the October deadline!

yes, you will get a PDF along with the physical zine!

I think it would be fairly replayable? It will depend on how many risks your players take, because how bad the haunting gets, and what form it takes, changes depending on their actions. There's also a bunch of different ways for the game to end. 

I think 2-3 sessions! Depends on how much socializing your players are into- last time I ran it there was a lot of dinner & drinks with vampires & party planning so it took us a little longer.

Patchwork World has got a grubby magical sense of place that's familiar and otherworldly and never too sweet.  It's a fantasy but it's got good bones & messy people and plenty of trouble to get into.

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weird & elegant & is gonna turn yr character sheets into glorious illegible palimpsests

haha amazing

Exalted Funeral should have more in about a week!