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Appreciate it! Gona fix it up a bit after the jam :)

Strange in a good way i hope :S

Thanks! we filled those popups with great little messages :)

* there is a bug that stops more PCs from getting errors after you complete some of them. Will fix it after the jam :)

Glad you eventually found your way around =)

Don't stay too close to that skeleboi!

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Appreciate it, I was trying to go for an easier horror game but I'll defo look into making it harder / more enemy types, that can be toggled. Always hard to balance out since I figure the map is large and getting killed means resetting the whole thing. But glad you were still able to enjoy it =)

Also ill add some more threats on the islands, thanks for the suggestion!

Check it out here:

This was a small little pet project of mine the last few months.. finally finished it!


Grab your shovel, map, compass & get ready for an adventure! 

Pine Lake is an FPS horror game centred around exploring the lake with its islands and surrounding land areas and is about discovering buried treasure to dig up whilst trying to avoid the cursed pirate lord seeking to defend his ancient loot.


Set sail on your boat & use a compass and map to explore and dig up seven ancient treasures, whilst trying to avoid an old pirate lord cursed to sail the lake and kill those who seek his treasure!

Hmm, I've never seen this issue before, sorry to see it happening. If the issue is still persisting, contact me via & i'll try help you out with more in-depth steps to take.

Thanks :)

sorry to hear that, try restarting & load a level but don't touch any keys. If this issue is still persisting, P.M me and i'll try help out some more!

Thanks for playing & sharing the game! I see even wave 1 on hard mode surprised you ;) Spamming traps can be OP, but as you mentioned the corn is there to help try balance that down.

Oh awesome, i'll be sure to tune in!

Nope, but we do have a website:

Not to sure about club-penguin, never played it :( however we were inspired by games like Orcs Must die & Fortnite PvE.

Thanks ! pop a link in the reply, i enjoy seeing people get owned on hard-mode ;)

Thanks :) The a.i should destroy barricades if you block of the path entirely, but can bug out some times :(

Thanks ! of-course you can share the trailer :)