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Coming to the Linux build too?

I think this means you can fix it just by taking the files you had in the appimage and zip them up as is. 
The user always need to give the binary file execute privileges though, standard fare on Linux so that's how it should be, just make sure to mention somewhere, in the readme or on the itch page, that it's in the bin folder. I am used to finding it in the applications root directory.

I strongly second the need for a way to disable the moving background.

I have ADD in combination with autism. ADD makes things like animated gifs and moving backgrounds really debilitating, in a very real sense. The meds I take is enough to let me focus on creative stuff and learning things, I'll link to a couple of scratch projects I have done below to show you, which I love, but I still have real issues with motion out of context. Let's put it this way,  ad-blockers are a handicap aid tool for me. If I read a text where there are animated ads or video around it, it makes me very tired very quickly, and very on edge. While the blue and blue maybe, emphasis on maybe because I haven't tried using it much yet, makes it milder it will, emphasis on will because this I know from experience, be a huge energy drain over time at the least. And ADD means your energy stores are always very low, and reserves almost non-existent.

(Weird thing about this is, I love books the thicker the better. Love complex stories even when full of challenging sentences. I also love comics. But if a comic contains too much text I get sensory overload. Info-dumps in comics are a chore to get through unless they are delivered in small chunks over many pages.)

The promised Scratch links:

Ok, a friend extracted the program from the appimage. And now it seems to work. There is something not right with the appimage container, if I understood correctly.

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I am getting a stack overflow too. Tell me how to get a core dump from the appimage and I'll post it.

I'm on Linux mint 19.1.

I'll try to remember if I manage to finish anything, making a game for the bundle all made using the assets in the bundle should be a fun little project. And it being a full circle is kinda neat.

Theoretically, we could make our own games with this and add them to the bundle?

Would you mind terribly if that were to happen?

The bundle is already large enough to induce panic attacks over what to play and when to play it, but still!

I downloaded the Android version because I have no MS Windows. (Linux version please?)

Regardless, this game is awesome, and stole an unknown amount of hours from my life immediately after installing it.

I want to offer some suggestions though; try using subtle shading to help with depth perception. The further away, the darker the colour temperature, the closer something gets, the closer the colour temperature gets to the player ship, and when they pass they reach the same colour. Look at my otherwise much simpler and less fun little game prototype thing I made in Scratch:  Notice how I made the arches kind of fade in. In this case I used transparency to achieve the effect. The drawback of this that overlapping things in the distance makes it confusing which order they are in. But I bet you can figure out some shader magic.

Also, an easy mode where your bullet hit boxes are bigger would be nice, at least for the android version, my phone only has a 5.65 inch screen, and I am not very good with virtual touch screen controllers that has no haptic feedback. Or, Linux version please?

Maybe you could make a very subtle vibration that starts when your thumb gets off centre and gets  bigger the further out on the virtual stick you are? With the max vibration on the edge being not much more than the on screen keyboard key press feedback.

On some systems it seems you have to set the graphics to Ultra to see my intro animation.