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Nice! Glad you liked it! Awesome that you recorded it too. I definitely wanna expand on it a bit.

Hey thanks for playing and recording!  Yeah definitely wanna expand on it a bit.

Cool idea. Yeah definitely wanna add more levels. Thanks for playing!

Yeah that's probably what I'd do. Thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing!


Nice game! Very relaxing. Cool game over transition. Not sure sure if it was an artistic choice, but the art, along with the low frame rate reminded me of the Reading Rainbow intro. Damn that was long time ago. 


Thanks for playing and recording! It was fun to watch!

Dude wtf lol!!! I got to Match 14th

Couldn't interact with the menu buttons so I couldn't play ;{

Menu was nice though  :)

Awesome! Thanks for the feedback!

Yeah, the tutorial was the last thing I did and was a bit rushed. Screenshots were taken from the editor, cropped and then scaled up which is why it looks like that. Definitely gonna redo that with screenshots from the actual build. Font can be changed too :)

Now that I see it now, I 100% agree with the wait time between games. Thanks for pointing that out!

Yeah, someone else mentioned the speedup and how it should be faster. Gonna look into that.

Thanks for playing!

Nice try!

Thanks for the feedback!