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Ok, thanks for clarifying!

Do things that increase replay value (like multiple difficulties, achievements and different endings) count towards the 2 minutes? Or do they not count as long as each play session is 2 minutes or less?

Pretty cool concept, could  be easily expanded.


Turns out, behind the security guard, there is a paper that says that Jerry is banned from the party. He wasn't invited.

I liked the game! It was pretty funny. My favorite character was, of course, Spooky Ghost. I also love how Jerry is in the "Can't enter the party" list. Fits in pretty well with his character.


A pretty fun arcade game. It kept me playing for a bit.

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I like it, but I feel like it needs more Pizza Theming.

It's pretty fun!

It doesn't seem to use Checkpoints, and you need to focus on Checkpoints.


Pretty cool. It would be nice if it had sound, but as it stands, it is pretty cool.

Football: Extreme Edition

It took me a couple of tries, but I did beat it in the end.

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I think that if you do choose that Challenge, you can only use 2 buttons in general for literally everything in your game, like in the 2 Button Jam that Vimlark participated in (you know, the one where he made "Run Robo Run!"?).

Pretty cool!

Pretty cool game!

This was interesting. I liked it!


I liked the title screen changing after every ending.

Mine is 800.

You have to click Dave in the credits, go to controls, and press the play button in the in game controller.

I finally finished it. It was pretty interesting.

I finally finished this. It took some tries, but I finally finished it. It was pretty good

Okay, thanks for clarifying!

I haven't understood what the jam's goal is. Is it to finish a project that died, remake it or just share it?

This was a pretty fun game! I liked it!

Seems like it was a keyboard issue, as I tried using another one and the issue was fixed.

Me liek vidoo gaem :)

I did it :)

This game was good, but sometimes, for some reason, it didn't register my inputs. Maybe it is an issue on my end, but this is the only game I found with this issue.

Pretty cool game.

I liked the game! It was short and simple. I 100% the game, and it was pretty easy, probably due to the only having 6 levels. The "Vroom" sounds were the cherry on top.

This is a pretty cool game.

This was fun!

I really liked this. It is a fun and short game.

P.S. A skeleton enemy jumpscared me on Level 3. I love this.

This cool, and I feel like you could expand this into a better game in the future if you wanted to. It felt a bit short, but that is expected and what you made was inpressive for what I presume is 1 guy in 48 hours.

Pretty cool.