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Very similar to the NES megaman games!

Yeah, good concept! But I still think this would be much better with multiplayer, since it's a bit boring to fight big bosses alone..

Very fun and addictive game to play!
I've made a small gameplay just to show how game mechanics work:

Fun game with nice graphics and funny plot. BUT, combat system is a bit buggy, you can't hit the enemy after dodging his attack. Also, you get damaged if you walk over the corpses LOL :D
But great work! Reminds me of Adventure Quest 3D

Great game, very creative. Keep up the good work!

Hey great game dude.. Had lots of fun playing it! 

Nice graphics and atmosphere. Keep up the good work !

Lovely point and click adventure with a very interesting story.. revived fond memories of Monkey Island :)

Very amusing indie puzzle-platformer! Worth your time if you like this kind of game.

You basically have to build and destroy blocks to get through the levels. Very nice art and mechanics.

OMG this game is FANTASTIC! Have not played such an amusing puzzle platformer like this for a long time..

Thanks for this pearl! I've made a short gameplay just to show a bit of game mechanics. I think this game has a lot of potential.

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Hey, great game dude.. Very innovative!

Think it would be a good idea to release an android version. 

Couldn't finish it though.. poor reflexes =/