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any chance of a Mac version?

The game already runs on Windows and Linux; it would be nice to see macOS support as well.

I love this asset pack, but the fact that the tiles in the tileset image are not consistently aligned makes it really difficult to work with, at least in Godot and LDtk. It would be nice if all the tiles were on the same grid.

Currently, there seems to be no way to do this other than to select an existing color and create transitive colors, which is very awkward.

Neat demo, very pretty. I did fall off a platform once through no fault of my own and had to walk literally halfway across the map and back to get back up there, and the dialogue is generally in need of some proofreading, but overall a nice experience and I’m interested to see what the full version brings.

This was a massively informative devlog! I learned a lot and will probably use some of that knowledge someday. Thank you!

Very nice tutorial. Thank you so much!

Neat game, and nice to see something made in Godot. The first boss fight feels harder than it needs to be, though. But maybe I’m just terrible at the game.

Awesome! I know what I’ll be spending my time on today.

Ooo, very cool! I look forward to 1.2 then.

If not, any possibility of adding one?

This looks pretty cool, but unfortunately is unusable on my machine (at least the web version) due to scaling issues.

I have a 4k screen, and the web version renders with all the text and controls extremely small.  I have not tested the desktop version.

A fix to this issue would be appreciated.

So, I have a 4k screen and as such I run the game at 200% UI scaling.  However, the pause menu is the same size at all scalings, and although that size is perfectly readable it's a bit weird.

In addition, item tooltips in the pause menu at 200% scaling render unusually large and so cover other UI elements.

Looks cool, but currently not really playable for me as the dialogue text doesn't scale  on my 4k monitor and is too small to comfortably read.

I have a 4k display and unfortunately this program renders too small to use on it.  It would be nice to see implemented an option to increase the scaling like in the sound effect generator.

I am no longer experiencing the problem.  The main menu works fine now.  Though the game as a whole seems to have some scaling issues in 4k, it is perfectly playable.

Good to know, thanks!

I look forward to that.

Launched the game and the main menu was running very slowly, something like 3fps, and keyboard input was delayed.  I have a pretty strong computer (16gb of RAM) and I think it might be an issue with rendering in 4k?  I have no idea.  Anyway I tried lowering the game resolution but could not find an option for this.  The game looks cool and I want to play it but I cannot at present because of this issue.