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Patrick LeMieux and Stephanie Boluk

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🙏 for Mario!

Great question! It's from "Breadcrumbs in the Forest," the first chapter of Carnal Thoughts.

Black Lives Matter!

Hi jim3e8, we're sorry to hear you ran into trouble. There's definitely a few more things to do after the cube dungeon. What version of the game were you using? In case you want to give it another shot, here are a few tricks in rot13: 

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Great idea! Before releasing our games on, we didn't realize how many people would play the Linux versions. We're now planning to include Linux builds for all future releases as well as on Manifold!

Thanks so much for posting these details, Shenjoku! We'd been trying to figure why the game would occasionally lag on Windows and based on your comments we fixed the issue. Specifically, your note about pressing "down a movement direction after picking up the sword while Link is holding it up" helped pinpoint the problem!

Version 2.2 is available now and should run smoothly on Windows.

Hi Shenjoku, thanks for letting us know! What operating system are you playing on? Did you download the current version?

Hi Daedalus, thank you for this note!

We designed Triforce alongside Metagaming, a book about the games we play in, on, around, and through videogames published by the University of Minnesota Press in print and open access at at For archival and legal purposes a copy of the game will also be uploaded there.

(That said, we have also been working on a version/mode of Triforce rendered entirely with children's drawings instead of NES graphics!)

Thanks so much for playing through Footnotes Coconut! This is a really instructive video (and even shows the locations of a few secrets!) I wonder what else is hiding in the game :)

We care because we know some part of you enjoyed this videogame that we worked very hard to produce and we don't want you to be ashamed of that fact. Also, why did you change your name? I liked dragonlord201 because it reminded me of the boss from Dragon Quest I.

You can't fool us dragonlord201. We saw your capslocked "LOVE IT" circa 20 minutes ago.