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Thank you so much! ^^

You're welcome! The short descriptors are awesome, and I can see many ways where you could add to the vibe! One of the things that I had a bit of an issue with the original pamphlet is how characters would start with a weapon and an instrument. I've considered letting my players choose an instrument and another item related to their background, to make weapons "rarer" and less likely to rely on.

I'd also love a small section about "defeating" the dungeon boss without an actual fight. Zelda vibes are wonderfully spot-on, but Zelda games don't allow many solutions to bosses other than "the power of incredible violence" XDDD

I have a small question about the zine:

These past few days I've been reading quite a lot about "soft D&D" and bringing up solutions to conflicts in ttrpgs other than violence, and it came to my mind how in the Forgotten Ballad monsters you've been sharing on Twitter Beblins like to dance, Deblins like to cook, and Liqus are implied that they like to eat items. I was wondering, will you include more of these traits that might allow/encourage other solutions for encounters with these monsters in the final zine? Since you left the ones already present in the monsters you shared out of the preview... I guess it's just to save space, but still xD

I've been growing a bit tired of all the violence and combat focus in ttrpgs lately, especially because I'm reading the Earthsea books and Le Guin's opinions on fantasy, and to me Forgotten Ballad feels like a "less violence-focused" game, so I was wondering how much would it support that kind of playstyle.

I absolute love this game and I can't wait to play it with my group once we are all free from studies! However, I've got a couple of questions I was hoping Freyja could help me with:

First one is: do hackers have to "enter" ghost mode like entering stealth when hacking a network, or do they only roll with the hacking specialty and ghost mode is assumed, and only rolled for when having to maintain it or using Cover Your Tracks and Disable Security actions?

Second: suffering an economic shock doesn't actually increase your burden with it, right? I assumed it did at first but now I think I'm mistaken, and I'd like your confirmation on that.

That'd be it so far! I'll try to join the discord as soon as I have the time and ask for more clarifications there if needed, thanks a lot for reading and hope you guys keep selling well! :D

PS: not a rule thing, but there's a bunch of text on page 53 that is somehow "behind/inside" the artwork. You might know about it already, but if not, could be an error you'd like to fix on future updates.