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I absolute love this game and I can't wait to play it with my group once we are all free from studies! However, I've got a couple of questions I was hoping Freyja could help me with:

First one is: do hackers have to "enter" ghost mode like entering stealth when hacking a network, or do they only roll with the hacking specialty and ghost mode is assumed, and only rolled for when having to maintain it or using Cover Your Tracks and Disable Security actions?

Second: suffering an economic shock doesn't actually increase your burden with it, right? I assumed it did at first but now I think I'm mistaken, and I'd like your confirmation on that.

That'd be it so far! I'll try to join the discord as soon as I have the time and ask for more clarifications there if needed, thanks a lot for reading and hope you guys keep selling well! :D

PS: not a rule thing, but there's a bunch of text on page 53 that is somehow "behind/inside" the artwork. You might know about it already, but if not, could be an error you'd like to fix on future updates.


First answer: Hackers are assumed to be ghosting by default and do not need to roll to enter Ghost, only for the other actions. (It felt weird to people in testing when they did.)

Second answer: Failing Economic Shock does not increase your Burden.

hope that helps!