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The gameplay looks interesting. The graphics looks great. The sound tracks used in this game is amazing.

The camera style, flashes, camera move, camera shake used in this game is excellent. Loved it.

Cool graphics. Great animation. A English version would be great though. I love the art used in this game.

Great gameplay. Cool concept, but i think i have played a similar game somewhere. The retro style graphics looks great :)

Great :)

You could add a gameplay trailer of  your game so that many people will find it attractive and will play your game.
The concept of the game looks cool though.

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Great, then i would suggest you the following.

1)Try some game engiene like unity or real engiene. It might be difficult at the start but once you get used to it, everything will be worth it.

2)Try to replace your ui with some photoshoped designs or simple pics in google(royalty free)

3)Try to build a community either in youtube, twitter or discord. This will greatly help you once you start making great games. And will help you to achieve the same

4)Get advice for colors and Gamplay from as many people as possible before publishing.

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This is a story about the tank which has noting to attach. Help this tank in its journey to find want it longed for. It just wanted to destroy the enemies just like every other tank.


GameDev Journey:

This is our first game jam and we wanted to do something special and unique or we at-least tried to. The theme of the jam was "Start with nothing". So we thought of starting this game about the tank Nitchs(Fun Fact: German for nothing). It has not weapon. So it has nothing offensive and defensive. So we should move though the stages to get badges and medals parts for his weapons to become the greatest tank ever(Will be in the upcoming updates). So help this tank to defeat the enemy tank with their own weapon.

More About Gameplay:

Since the tank doesn't have any missile system. The only way for this tank is to guide the missile from enemy to another enemy. All the missile from enemy are target locked on our tank and will follow it till it gets destroyed. So with our help nitchs can defeat other powerful tanks and find the greatest offensive weapon of all time.

Contact Us:

Discord Link:

Slack Link:


Audience: Thank you for your feedback, review and support.

"Space" as a control would be great. The bird disappears before hitting the ground. The background sprite has a thin line of space.

Great addictive game.

Now the game will attract more people to install the game and play it :)

Amazing sound effect. Great visuals.

We cannot understand the gameplay :(

A single player mode would be a great update to this ;)

Graphics: 10/10. Great work.

I'm not sure how to play this game, but the graphics in this game is amazing. Great work you guys.

Same here. Just wait a couple of seconds and it will load :)

Great graphics and execution.

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Great game. I personally liked it very much.

Great game :)

Very interesting gameplay. It made me addicted to it.

A gameply trailed would be a nice bonus for us ;)

You can add a video about the gameplay of the game so that people will get more details about the game and will know if that want to download the game or not

A gameplay video and some screenshots about the actual gameplay without UI would be great.

Great asset package :)

This game looks and feels great. If you work on this, this good easily become a great mobile game for casual gamers. You can add satisfaction meter for customer, customer reaction with smilies for wrong/delayed food, great service would be a great update.
The button color and its font color needs to be changed.

This looks great. Dragging icons,  creating folder on the desktop, a file manager and dragging folder to the trash would be a great update to this.

Needs polish and a better graphics. "Space" to jump would be great instead of "J"(Personal opinion). 

Cool prototype. But we think you need to work on the graphics to make this an amazing game.

A video trailer would be nice ;)

The graphics in this game looks amazing. Great work you guys. Link:

Level up and blast your way through these obstacles by gathering a massive wave of disastrous balls. You can play this game on your LINUX, MAC or PC. Even if you want to enjoy this casual game on the go then you can download the same game in your Android or iPhone. Enjoy this casual addictive game anywhere at anytime.

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!