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Alphabet Romero

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This game was short and sweet but had some hectic jumpscares.

But the best thing about this game is the atmosphere and sounds it uses.

Great game, worth a play!

Short and sweet but still very creepy!

Great use of sounds in this game to make everything more creepy.

My only problem is I wish it was longer, I would like to have played more XD

Great game Lsgamedev

Thats awesome!

I cant wait to try it!

I enjoyed playing your game and I think you have a great idea here!

The graphics and the models looked fantastic and the woman is very creepy.

I did however find the game a little bit too easy. The big open empty map with lights to show you where to go in a circle direction was quite easy to find all artefacts and escape without every actually worrying about geting caught.

I walked the map in a circle and the woman never got close to me and i finished the game in roughly 10 minutes. I had to then replay it and purposely walk into her to see what happens when I get caught.

I would suggest maybe making more obstacles or something to make it slightly harder to travel from artefacts. And perhaps make the woman's movements  more unpredictable of have her move locations to avoid just the easy straight line follow.

I think this game has a LOT of potential to be really terrifying, just at the moment there is no real threat when playing.

I look forward to trying again in further updates if there is any.

Another fun horror game by N4bA.

These guys are my favourite indie horror devs for good reason!

This is very worth the download and check out their other games they are better every game!

Thanks for taking the time out to check it out!

I'll keep an eye out and replay from where I was! I really enjoy your work

It was really fun to play this game!

Unfortunately I was unable to finish it.

Getting into the apartment, I was unable to figure out the safe code. When searching the newspaper article, the game will always glitch and I cannot put it down, move or anything.

The only thing I can do after opening the newspaper is open and close the drawer. Forever trapped in the same spot.

Upon revisiting the game, I attempted to find the 5 digit code once more without looking at the newspaper but was unsuccessful.

I checked the newspaper as a last resort, I was then trapped once again unable to move.

It was a very fun game to start but unfortunately the glitches trapped me and stopped me completing the game.

Really great game!

The sound effects on this game were next level and really spooked me to my core.

Very much worth the download and play!

I was very happy to add it to my series on youtube!

This demo is amazing! Made me feel VERY on edge!

N4bA always deliver amazing creepy games that never dissapoint.

Thanks for the experience

Very short and basic, but it's done very well.

Fun, short experience which is worth the play if you're a horror fan.

Check out my video playthrough of the game if you're interested!

Thank you for the experience, JamesMGD.

This game is a really fun experience.

This game will meme you while still jumpscaring the crop out of you.

Combined classic jump Scares and comedy really well.

Worth a purchase!

This game keeps it simple for players while still scaring the life out of you.

If you enjoy being scared, this is worth your time.

Hey mate, thanks for reaching out.

I tried to add you on discord but the link you provided didn't work.

Can you send me a link to your channel so I can check it out?

wasn't able to play this game unfortunately.

Looked good and had good reviews.

Unfortunately the game continued  to pull my mouse/camera upwards then spin it around uncontrollably.

Re-opened, re-installed, did it all but couldn't fix the problem making it unplayable for me.

I'll try and check out the game in the future maybe once it's finished.

don't know why, but I couldn't okay this game.

It wouldn't allow me to input any keys. Mouse and keyboard were not working with the game.

I'll try it again when the game is released maybe.

Interesting and fun short game.

Simple but effective with a nice little story to watch unfold.

Thank you for your hard work Kyle Horwood

Fun short game to play.

This is a dev worth keeping an eye on, they make some pretty cool spooky games

One of the shortest horror tales going around. But perhaps one of the best!

Great work Alberto Navarro!

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Amazing game!

If you have never played a horror game made by N4bA you are MISSING OUT!

2nd video I've made featuring N4bA horror and I can't wait to try the others. Thanks again guys, fantastic game!

Great game.

Really captured a creepy atmosphere with subtle details.

Jumpscares were on point and got me every time.

Thanks for the great game, ISART

This game is super intense and super scary. Probably the best horror games I've found on this site to date!

Thanks Al Heck for the amazing experience!

Well worth the download!

Great game!

Does a great job of making you scared in your own head. Great short horror game worth a download!

Thanks for the great game Vidas Games! <3

Great game, get's in your head and gives you a couple of good scares.

Atmosphere is very tense and creepy.

Thanks for the great game PixelDough <3