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Hi everyone ! 

After landing in first position on the 8Bit to infinity jam (Thanks to everyone who participated), we've decided to start the full developpement of our game Brightside. Starting with a new demo with less bugs and a better experience overall. 

We are super excited to work on the project and we would like you to join us on this new adventure. 

We are looking foward to all the comments and ideas that you have to share.

Thanks a lot and see you later ;)

Thanks for the comment. We saw your game "Ghosts took my camera". Kind of jealous of what you've made :P . So it fun to see that you like our game.

Thank you for the comment ! :)

Thanks for the comment. Gotta agree with how the puzzle are too easy, going to work on it, but we didn't want to use the toggling option because  we thought there were already a lot of puzzle doing it that way. We wanted a more innovative way to do it. We will work on the fluidity of the controls for sure.

Thanks again for the feedback !

thank you for the feedback and indeed, we did have somes difficulties with the level design, but when the jam is done we will work on it :) 

Thanks for the comment ! 

You're right. I'll add the UP arrow key when i can .

Thanks a lot for the comment. 

Never heard, will look ! 

Thank you ! We really appreciate your comment :)

Now i'm thirsty too ...

Lots of potential, Looking foward for new updates !

Keep up the good work ;)