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I really enjoyed this, and I didn't even play these types of nes games  back in the day but this has gotten me interested in them. I was surprised at how atmospheric it was. It genuinely made me a little nervous at points. The room you enter were the music just cuts out; I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible because I was convinced something would happen if I stayed too long. I would like to play a larger, more fleshed out version of this game. 

Wow! Thanks for Lets playing my game! Sorry about the glitches. Unfortunately I could never find out what was causing them.

That looks like a pretty awesome controller. As it's not a 360 controller that explains why the layout is weird. But hey, if it worked for you, it worked. I'm surprised that not just 360 controllers work with this game.

Glad you like it!

That's really strange how it maps the buttons. You're using an xbox 360 controller right? I'd imagine it's pretty difficult to play with select and start as the blow/suck buttons.

Let me know how it goes!

Sorry about that, for some people it seems to work and for others it crashes all the time so i don't know whats causing it. can you give me some more info like, if you're playing in the browser or the download version? And if in the browser what one are you using. If you haven't yet tried it use the download version and see if that Work.

That's strange. If you can quote the exact text that it is freezing on I can look into it further. Unfortunately I have been unable to replicate the freezing the people are mentioning.

Hi! Today I went on a big bug hunt and updated the game. Those glitches you mentioned should be gone now. If you find anymore let me know!

I'm not worried about other people seeing the code that's how we all learn. But I should warn you it is incredibly messy. If you've got an email or something I can send the source code in a zip file.

Heya! Glad you're enjoying it. I just had a look at the code and tried to implement a skip button, but unfortunately the way I've coded it is a mess so I won't be able to add a skip button. I'll make sure to add one in future games.