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Note to judges: if you're stuck on the tutorial, read my post labeled "note to the judges" in the actual game page, there's more than one level here.

but like there are A LOT that have nothing to do with the jam. I’m sure they’ll be disqualified. For example, my game Reflection has been in development for 3 months, and I’m not looking for it to get anything out of here, I just wanted to release it. Of course, I heavily fucked up the lighting on the second level, so I’m taking it off the jam anyway. But yeah, there are a whole lot. Then there’s the other “CD Room” that stole my name and idea 😭

CD Room community · Created a new topic To Judges

Press "E" on rick astley (or back wall as  shown by some players), there's actually a door there to the rest of the game.

Just wanted to add that in so you can continue the game from there.

if you go up to the boombox and look behind you it also repeats these instructions

yeah! I saw a lot like that too. My game CD Room is really bordering the edge, but I contacted some of the developers and they said as long as it includes discs in rooms, you're good. So, of course, I took that out of context and made a puzzle game that has nothing to do with disc room, but it follows all of the rules. Sometimes, you just gotta think outside of the box.

I'm already contemplating people telling me that they don't know how to progress past rick astley in my game, here's how: if you press "e" while standing next to the wall, it will open into the rest of the game. I hope this helped for anybody who was stuck

i hope you get first place! Yours is the best one I’ve seen so far

Yeah totally!

I appreciate that it's just a room lol. I did something similar on my end, but not as much. You should check it out later! It's going to be done in a few hours

this is really cool, but like this isn't about discs in rooms?

I had to do it.

It's a short, probably 10-ish minute 3D game made with Unreal Engine 4. Total development time is around 9 hours.