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this is so creative I love i

this is like slay the spire but with customizeable airships. I love it!


but then at the very end you need all the skips to save pineapple

super fun! more levels?

Image result for 666

666 deaths



weird i played on chromebook and didn't lag

I died over 1000 times in this game but its still fun

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I Don't have twitter but I think the next tower should be a dungeon where you go down instead of up. or at least you start in a dungeon where all the small squares are locked up and you can only talk to them there no where else. a space tower/satellite with gravity and stuff would be cool though.

I like the graphics on the version better than steam. the steam version looks a lot harder though.

It was hard to get the timing right. when i got it wrong I couldn't correct it in time because I already went the wrong way. maybe im just bad but I would like to try the game with button controls.

Great artwork!. I really like the game but the controls are bad. good job though :)

This Game is Genius!

a little work and it would be great!

Failed to rescue pineapple in: 1:33:19

Failed to kill big square in: 1:55:00

Died: 781 times

I think I did pretty well considering how bad I did.

#RIP Pineapple! may he Rest IPepperonis.