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Hey, thanks for the detailed feedback! Based on what others have said and my own  playtesting I definitely agree with both suggestions and they'll definitely be part of the changes in the next build.

Thanks for playing and thanks for the feedback! The font is actually custom-made, but if you'd like I can upload it on here. 

Ah you did catch a bug, thanks for letting me know! More importantly thanks for playing and I'm glad you enjoyed the game :) As for a Legbreaker 2 my only plans for the game right now are a small update with some tweaks and bug fixes, if Legbreaker 2 happens it'll be way down the line. Either way it's exciting that you and others have enjoyed the game enough to be interested in more!

Just uploaded one! Let me know if it works.

Thanks for playing and I'm glad you liked the visuals/gameplay! I'm considering putting out a small update in the near future with some quality of life changes e.g. bug fixes, tweaks to movement, etc., so adding a more robust menu system will probably go in there as well.

Hey, thanks for the kind words and thanks for playing!

I had been getting a pretty big traffic spike over the past few days, which I gather is from this video, so it's hard to tell. Though I imagine it's probably extended that spike a bit.

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed!

Sorry for the late response but thanks so much for the compliments and for playing! I think I know which level you're talking about, that one's stumped a few people, though I hope you give it another shot!

Ah, sorry for the bugged ending! That aside, your video was fun to watch and I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

Oh no! sorry for that. Just so I can try to figure this out do you mean that the you couldn't open the file after you downloaded it or that you just can't download the game at all from here?

Whoa. I just found out about that from your comment, thanks for the heads up and for the congratulations!

Thanks so much for the feedback and thanks for playing! Of course the movement seems to be a pretty common issue that people have had, but  another thing that was challenging was coming up with difficult puzzles that didn't feel cheap. It sounds like I went too far with with the misdirection on that level (I think the fourth level, where you have to crawl under a platform might be another case). I was also a bit worried about how much depth I could get out of the premise so I'm glad to hear that it exceeded your expectations! The Celeste comparison is also really flattering.

People who have played seem to be pretty much in agreement when it comes to the movement. I definitely experienced the awkwardness that you and others described during playtesting but decided to go ahead with the system I had. The reaction to it has been a pretty good lesson on avoiding prioritizing aesthetics/realism over the feel of the game, so I'm at least glad to have made that mistake early on. It helps a lot to hear what people think, so thanks for the feedback, positive and negative, and of course thanks for playing!

Hey, thanks for the constructive feedback and I'm glad you enjoyed the game overall.  Getting specific comments like yours is really helpful in letting me  figure out what I'll need to work on/playtest/think about more in future projects :)

Ah that's a bug, thanks for pointing it out. It seems to be a higher level Godot thing that happens in the export so I don't think I'll be able to figure out how to fix it right away. But if you finished the game and got a black screen here's the ending:

Anyways apologies and thanks for playing!

Thanks for playing! Your gameplay was fun to watch and I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)