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Thanks so much for the feedback and thanks for playing! Of course the movement seems to be a pretty common issue that people have had, but  another thing that was challenging was coming up with difficult puzzles that didn't feel cheap. It sounds like I went too far with with the misdirection on that level (I think the fourth level, where you have to crawl under a platform might be another case). I was also a bit worried about how much depth I could get out of the premise so I'm glad to hear that it exceeded your expectations! The Celeste comparison is also really flattering.

Well you did an excellent job on making difficult puzzles that didn't feel cheap. The more I think about it I think the puzzle itself on that level was actually quite good, just executing the solution was the issue. A maybe solution could be just resizing some things. Like the roof above you at the bottom so you wouldn't hit it. Part of messing  up could be mental, like I would think too much about hitting my head that I would miss the spring. I am not a game designer by any means haha so I am not sure if that would work. I didn't really have an issue with movement other than that one level tbh. But faster or instant response on pressing left or right and air mobility could make +those challenging levels more viable, which could also mean you could make more of them. And the fourth level where you have to crawl under the space I didn't see any misdirection, maybe a little to just fool you over a quick glance and just jump to the bottom. I noticed the bottom being impossible on the first try and then I saw the top crawl space. Because you wouldn't think at first to trash your jumps haha. Feel liking talking so much about that level is devaluing the game, which it doesn't at all. Idk if I gave as much emphasis needed about how much fun the game actually was. And it did give me Celeste vibes haha (I love that game), do you have any plans on extending this game? I am not sure what other element you could add to further problem solving, but from the concepts you did present in this version you did an awesome job! (Maybe arms? Lol, arms could bust after doing something, throwing something maybe. Gotta watch out for all your limbs though, because then you can't move.)