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Hi there! Is there by chance a mega download link for the pc version?  For whatever reason, the direct download gets to about 600mb before the download fails.

Edit: Never mind, it turns out I just have REALLY bad internet, just got it to download!

Thanks! Seriously, thanks. I don't how many times my dumb ass ran by that orb. 

I'm on Android, I've met the requirements for accessing the challenge floor: Met Hellhound, completed all of her events for good measure, cleared the easy, medium, advanced and hard floors, defeating Hellhound on the advanced floor, read the invitation for the challenge floor on the city board, went back to the spire,  as usual a guard stops me on the security floor by the stairs to give the memo about the challenge floor on the off chance I didn't hear about it, proceeded up to the rigged teleportation crystal, but it doesn't work. Only gives the option to go back to the earlier floors. Am I missing something here?

Thanks anyway!

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Would it be possible for you to safely compress the apk further? I'm having the same issues as DarkonusGaming. Downloading via Mega solves that issue, but everytime I go to install the apk, I get 'App not intalled'. I honestly love this game, but because of the aforementioned issues, the last version I was able to install was 20.09.01.

Hi! Have you considered porting this amazing game to Android?

loved it, Amazing work!

So spoilery? Gotcha. Lol

And what happened to the vampire that appears in the 'getting drunk in the tavern 'til you get raped in the local barn' bad ending? She had a unique appearance and she later appears in the 'read Mila's diary and have her give in to her urges' bad ending. Or is that a different vampire?

So what's Claudia(Dorian's third bride)'s deal anyway? Pre-Vampire route she's friendly, kinda ditzy and thrilled at making Mila one of them. Post-awakening as a vampire her disposition is the complete opposite(Mila notes this) to the point of being hostile. Did I miss something or is there a spoilery, plot reason for it?

Aww... thanks anyway!

Hi! Any plans to port this version to Android yet?

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v3.0.1 fixed the issue I was having with the Blood Temple contract. Thanks!

I've encountered a bug in the  Blood Temple contract. After following Astoria through the maze to Alaexa, I can't interact with either of them. Their models aren't solid(I'm able to walk through both of them).  Help?

Aww. Thanks anyway! :D

Any chance of this lovely game being ported to Android? :D

Thanks! :D

On pc, yeah. Though, I kinda wanted to play it on my android. :(

This is still available on android too, right? The android download Game.exe isn't working in Ace or Neko. :(