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Yay another update for this amazing game! ♥ 

Oooh and Happy Pride Month! 😊 

YAY! ♥ 

Congratulations! I'm really happy for you and I'm excited for a potential Steam release for Luxaren Allure! 😊 


Yay! Your games are amazing!

Thanks for the response! ❤

Hey, I started playing this last night, and I think it's really good, but I gotta ask, is it even possible to find that Paladin Leona in the sewers/thief hideout? I searched as thoroughly as I could, in every area I could access down there but I couldn't find her. Found her friends though. And Polly. She's gonna be a problem isn't she? Anyway, is finding Leona intentionally not possible right now?

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Eh, don't worry about it. 😉

I'm liking Chase For Divinity so far! 👍

I'm also replaying Luxaren Allure, which I honestly adored! The characters, with the exception of a certain king and Lynette(whom was a little too black and white/self righteous for my taste, but I liked her more than said king, so there's that :D), the sprites, the enemies, the assets and the custom tileset, I loved. Without a doubt one of the most unique and lovely rpgs I've played! ❤

And about quietly shipping Alicia x Miriam? Yeaaaah... about that?


Cuties! ❤❤❤

 I have no regrets! Muhahahahaha!

Edit: I've made decent progress in Chase For Divinity! I'm really liking it so far! 

And I still regret nothing!

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Kind of a weird place to post this, as I frequently use, but I just finished my playthrough of Starship TsukuruNova 20003. LR-388 x RX-779 OTP! A love story for the ages. Beep-Boop indeed. A cute, funny and interesting game, WITH a dash of yuri at the end? Can never go wrong! Yay yuri! I've started my playthrough of Chase For Divinity, wish me luck! Also, I'm  bracing myself for a replay of Weird and Unfortunate Things are Happening(namely the City*shudder*), as I realized way too late I could've went after Nanc-- err, Amethyst and lost the opportunity to get her headband, which did not at all belong to Nancy, the mayor's daughter, Dottie's bully, and whom was seen in a previous scene being taken to same place. Pure coincidence I say! And Sadie isn't suspicious at all! All is right in the world. Yep. Anyway I have OCD and it drove me insane that I missed that, so back in time I go. Hopefully I'm better at navigating the city by now.  😥

In the meanwhile I'll be quietly shipping Alicia x Miriam, Lamar x Kelli & Viola x Erick. 

If one is interested in romance/companionship, find yourself someone who looks at you the way Erick looks at random junk-- and Viola whose Panacea is second to none, thank you very much! Also Farudon is adorable. Lol

The game's looking great, by the way! 👍

Probably more like a premonition. What COULD be, but not necessarily what will be.

Kinda like fortune telling, I guess.

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I loved the first game, can't wait for the sequel! Lynette, huh? Fair. She probably had the least screen-time which was weird, considering she's on the cover art. Lol 

Really loving Weird and Unfortunate things Are Happening by the way! Dottie's probably my favorite character in that game, and I loved the sections where you take control of Lamar and Dottie respectfully. The soundtracks amazing! The Playroom's soundtrack(the main one and Safe Town) was strange for me. It disturbed me, but I loved it? Lol

Granted, I DID get lost in the City for a solid hour, so there's that.  😅


I love this game so much! You're really talented! ☺

Yeah, I was thinking there was a conflict like that somewhere. Come to think of it, this is the second time this had happened. Catgirl's Questlist had a similar issue on Joiplay. Every other rpgm game I've emulated on Joiplay didn't have the issue, but those games also didn't have quest logs. Huh. Well, thanks anyway. Guess it's back to the android port I go lol

Hey! So, I started playing 5.0.1 on Joiplay this morning and uh... the questlog isn't there? It's like assets are missing or something. Can this be fixed?

Thanks! Seriously, thanks. I don't how many times my dumb ass ran by that orb. 

I'm on Android, I've met the requirements for accessing the challenge floor: Met Hellhound, completed all of her events for good measure, cleared the easy, medium, advanced and hard floors, defeating Hellhound on the advanced floor, read the invitation for the challenge floor on the city board, went back to the spire,  as usual a guard stops me on the security floor by the stairs to give the memo about the challenge floor on the off chance I didn't hear about it, proceeded up to the rigged teleportation crystal, but it doesn't work. Only gives the option to go back to the earlier floors. Am I missing something here?

loved it, Amazing work!

So spoilery? Gotcha. Lol

And what happened to the vampire that appears in the 'getting drunk in the tavern 'til you get raped in the local barn' bad ending? She had a unique appearance and she later appears in the 'read Mila's diary and have her give in to her urges' bad ending. Or is that a different vampire?

So what's Claudia(Dorian's third bride)'s deal anyway? Pre-Vampire route she's friendly, kinda ditzy and thrilled at making Mila one of them. Post-awakening as a vampire her disposition is the complete opposite(Mila notes this) to the point of being hostile. Did I miss something or is there a spoilery, plot reason for it?

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v3.0.1 fixed the issue I was having with the Blood Temple contract. Thanks!

I've encountered a bug in the  Blood Temple contract. After following Astoria through the maze to Alaexa, I can't interact with either of them. Their models aren't solid(I'm able to walk through both of them).  Help?