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I have created a docker image based on the Microsoft provided vsts-agent image with butler installed. The image is available here:

But if you want to create your own the dockerfile was pretty simple:

# Microsoft has a base image for vsts-agents and that is what we are using to base our container on
FROM microsoft/vsts-agent:ubuntu-16.04
# Download butler\set execute permissions on the butler file
RUN echo Downloading butler... \
 && curl -sL -o /usr/bin/butler \
 && chmod +x /usr/bin/butler
# run butler -V to output butler version for error checking
RUN /usr/bin/butler -V
# Add butler to the path to allow it to be run and key/value pair to the environment variables to tell vsts that it has the butler capability
ENV butler=/usr/bin/butler \

The build in VSTS is also pretty simple, just a command line task ( I used version 2 of the task type) with the following contents;

echo $(BUTLER_API_KEY) > ./token.txt
butler push  ./Github-Integration-CI/Game $(itchUser)/$(itchGame):$(itchChannel) -i ./token.txt

Note that $(BUTLER_API_KEY), $(itchUser), $(itchGame), and $(itchChannel) are all variables supplied to the task. Make sure the BUTLER_API_KEY is marked as a secret variable and then VSTS will keep it out of the logs.

There is probably a simpler way to do all this, but I thought it was pretty cool that this worked. Thanks for building butler!

Right now, it is random movement until the ant gets in range of the food, but it is always an adjustment of the ants current velocity rather than completely random.

Yeah, there is definitely more work to do on the ants following the trails.

Thanks for the links!

I have to admit, if the ant exploring movement looks good at the moment than that was just by accident. I hadn't spent much time on research yet, but I planned to take a look. So these links are much appreciated.