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I've drawn a little piece of fanart for every (EVERY) game in this jam!! Itch is awful and won't let me embed, but you can find the Twitter thread here:

Once again, thank you all so much for taking part in our game jam, and much love for sharing your stories and games with the world!!

I waited until the full release to play, and the wait was worth it! Everyone in the cast oozes charm and character, and I was completely reeled in by Josephine and Salem's shenanigans from line one. The expressive sprites, the snappy dialogue that encapsulates their dynamic so well, the CGs- there's so much to love here, and it deserves way more props!!

Aaaa this is so good! Your hard work is paying off in spades- this is such a seamless experience. I found myself noting and appreciating so many different parts of the game aspect- to say nothing of the story (intriguing!) and the characters (I already want to pursue every route, and learn more about all of them, route or no route!). The magic almost being like a sort of engineering is such a cool approach as well. I can't wait for Chapter 2!!

Goddamn! The title wasn't kidding- the time limited choice made me feel like I was in the moment, making such a heavy choice. The CG for the fleet choice was gorgeous, and something that I'll be thinking about for a while. Great work!

I'm such a sucker for this kind of story- as soon as I saw the line about The King in Yellow, I knew it was gonna be wacky Wacky, and damn did you deliver! Oscar's gotta be my favorite, as a shining example of how cool and awesome and talented editors are B)

You really pulled quite a game together, down to the details! Min-ji's struggle really tugged at my heartstrings- good thing Fenix's adorable bunny avatar is there to lighten the mood and guide the way ;v; Lovely entry!

I laughed out loud at a lot of the dialogue, when I wasn't feeling distinctly ill at ease (and very conscious of my own level of exhaustion- great/bad timing to play this game!). The sfx and background music are so well chosen, I felt fully invested and on edge. The solution to reach the good ending is so clever as well, and I felt just as satisfied as the detective when I flipped the switch. Awesome work!!

A tight mystery with distinct characters! You packed a lot into 10 days, and still left me curious for more- I wonder what's in store for Clyde! 👀

Oh damn, I love when games remember previous playthroughs! It was really fun peeling back the layers and finding the deeper story underneath. Plus, I love the interviewer's design! :>

Awesome job! This almost felt like a movie- you really brought the story to life!

I won't stand for this

Sad, touching, and beautiful. I'm going to bed feeling melancholy now and I don't regret it a bit! ;__;

Poignant and beautiful. Extra kudos for pulling this off with no pre-jam prep time!

So glad that Elias is indeed a man who would never hurt me :) You did really well with this, especially for starting 4 days before the finish!

My god, that ending...[lowers sunglasses] AYOOOOOOO

Goddamn! Every character is so distinct here (the fourth witness is my favorite), and I played through the game twice just to catch the hints strewn in the story about how it all unfolds. Nice work!

Got ending 4 and I have to say I'm very pleased with it! Sure hope that doesn't lead to consequences later down the line >v>;; I can't help it, I loved Marzo's bashful sprites too much!

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The twist of Adam's first victim being his sire's sister is such a great touch and a sick irony all in one. I could easily see you expanding the story of those two as they grapple with the consequences!! Great job!

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Ohhh this was fun! I love spooky office stories! I keep thinking about what to say here and getting caught up in reliving the story, so I think it's safe to say that I liked all of it very much (that second phone call...whew). If you ever wanted to do more short form things like this (the return of Francoise? 👀), I'd love to see them!

I love Abe and Adeline so much 😭 what a way to meet! If Adeline was my grandma I'd believe her 100% (especially if pie is at stake).

Without spoiling anything, I liked the direction you took with the story and how it fits into the jam theme- it sure makes for an unforgettable date night! :3c

I was shocked to learn that you've only been drawing for a month- well done! I really liked the reveal, and (spoilers!!) I have to say I admire the setup those two have going :3c Awesome work!

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Voting for round 3 of 5 is now live!

Vote here!

So utterly heartfelt. I'm wishing for a happy ending for them both. ;__;

Excellent both as a story and as a puzzle! Jarred and Lauthis are such a good pair, and I think you should give yourself more props for your voice acting- it added a lot of life and felt very fitting for the character! The story is perfect on its own, but I definitely would enjoy a continuation as well- especially after the 'true' ending (whew!). Either way, major kudos!

Simple indeed, and still manages to hit all the right notes! I loved getting to see James' perspective on things, and gained a greater appreciation for Gilda through his eyes as well as their current dynamic in Let's Misbehave. Well done!!

Beautiful as always, and an enticing peek into the world of Aradal before Dual Chroma. Excited to see more of the world...and the Ashen Lord 👀

I think this is the first time a VN has made me feel physically sick. Fantastic work, especially for making something so atmospheric in 72 hours!!

What a beautiful short story- it gives us so much characterization in so few words. Lovely storytelling and another reason to be excited for what's to come!

Packs a great deal of fun in a short time!

It's just too fun! :>

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This game was a fantastic time from start to finish. Gilda is exactly the kind of MC I love- mentally I'm sliding her a gin rickey and asking her for her life's story to tide me over until the game updates! That said, each character brings something unique to the table; sure, they all engage in (universally fantastic) back-and-forth with Gilda, but their personalities felt so distinct, and created a fascinating cast across the board.

The art and music definitely bring a shine to this game as well! Every aspect feels so well loved and researched. I found myself smiling at the voice acted volleys and backing tunes in equal measure, when I wasn't ogling the UI or character art. I may or may not have had to roll back a few times because I was distracted by said art- hardly a loss, considering the quality of the voice acting involved. I could listen to them talk all day!

Romance wise I'm going to have a tough time choosing which route to pursue first when the full game releases, but if I absolutely had to choose right now, Roy would win by a hair. I'm a sucker for playboys I get to turn the tables on, and I loved seeing that other side of him during the stage scene. Plus, he's just so gorgeous. Not that I'd let him know this early in the game! 🤭

I greatly look forward to the continuation of the story (the ending! I gasped out loud!), but for now I just want drinks with everyone- and one of those famous cakes, if I can sneak a piece away.

Action, intrigue, banter, dashing men- this demo has it all! Everything on the screen is gorgeous to look at- major kudos there- and getting the wiggle room with MC's personality is a big plus! So far I've enjoyed being a mix of diplomatic and feisty, picking my moments to shake things up, but I can see myself doing a replay or two to see how things play out with a shyer disposition. That said, I don't think you can beat the feeling of seeing Keldran's approval when you decide to bite back a little at the right time B) I look forward to seeing how things play out!

Ah!! So cute!! Asher is such a lovable character 💙 The banter was adorable, both the relationship progression and Asher's struggles felt realistic, and I really like the little moments of them leaving each other comments on the shared doc(!!). A job well done!

Visually arresting, beautiful writing, great use of alternating perspective- this game! This game!!! I love the character dynamics, I love seeing their feelings and stories unfold- and I can't wait to see what comes next!!

The beginning of the game (the webpages) is such a great emulation of navigating Web 1.0 sites on old CRT monitors that it deserves mention on its own- way to take me back! 

As for the gameplay...damn. You really nailed the building tension; between every sequence at the computer I was on tenterhooks. The atmosphere is impeccable and served well to wind me up for that ending. I'll be thinking about this game for a minute.  Excellent work!!

As I played through I kept catching myself grinning ear to ear- what an utterly lovely game. Every route was so warm, the art is so pleasing at every turn, and the writing made me feel for every character and root for their growth and success. Juniper is wholly included in that; I loved her from her dialogue to appearance to backstory (the multi-generational cookbook added depth and motivation that served her and the story so well. Kudos!) If Juniper was an LI, I would happily romance her as well!

If I had to pick a favorite moment, it would be [spoilers! spoilers!] Graham showing MC his sketch- it utterly stole my heart, and still does (I'm still staring at it a day later). Graham's whole character was so, so good- his motivations for staying on the farm, his struggle being about exploring his other interests/skills in tandem with his current life rather than a black and white "needs or dreams" felt so real, and formed a character that I can't help but love. I'd like to think that Juniper features his art in the cafe someday. 💙

I have to give props to Briar's route as well- he was such a sweet eccentric, and I feel like he brought out a more adventurous side to Juniper that was so fun to see. His design is so damn cute(!!), I fully blushed at the kiss scene, and the picnic CG is just perfect- my favorite of the three! I bet him and Juniper would enjoy lots of day trips hiking and finding new ingredients for the cafe :D

I won't spoil too much of the mysterious figure's deal here, but I give him all my love. I really like the choice to add something bittersweet but still fulfilling to the game, and the letter at the end stuck with me. :'>

...and now I'm sitting here embarrassed as I realize I typed an entire essay. Ya got me! Thank you for reading all of this, and for the game. Whether you choose to add more content or just that little bit of extra polish/bugfixing, I'm here for it!!

I had so much fun playing this! I loved the character interactions, and the closeups made me burst out laughing (half nervously- they were an extra motivation not to cross Lana)! This is my first time interacting with this setting and these characters, and it definitely makes me want to check out more. Great job!!

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What a lovely demo!! I have to confess, the idea of my plants coming to life to rescue (and admonish) me from my gardening wrongs sounds like a dream come true! I found something to love about every character*, the art is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing how the gang brings the farm back to life. Awesome work! :)

*If I had to choose, Eggplant and Carrot are my favorites so far- just don't tell the others! 🤭