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One thing almost forget to mention: when you want to return to game after pressing the spaceship button (menu popup). Press either 1 of the 2 triangular corners. 

Oh I see. But still a fascinating video  ;)

Good stuff! Compared to your older demo I saw from your YouTube channel, this one looks much more refined. :)

I'm not too critical of roguelike games, but I think the pre-slashing time can be faster. Also, the 'aerial downward sword' is a bit hard to maneuver as I'm using keyboard only, that's all I can say.

Keep up the good work guys!

Very well made puzzle game! Good job!

Would like to make a game like this sometime :)

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Don't forget to leave your comments, thanks.

Wow, great style you have there!
I got stuck on the safe code and didn't know how to proceed and gave up :(
It's a bit meloncholy though.. the story and the sad track  XD (still a wonderful game)

Hi there, newbie here.

Tap 'n Dash is for you who want to challenge your finger-brain co-ordination. 

By tapping the right picture quizs you reach the finishing line. You can also build combos, or tap on solo-tiles to get 'Turbo', 1x 'Health' or more, get higher highscores and ratings. There's 2 mode available: 'SAME' for casual, and 'SIMILAR' for a real challenge- It's a brain teaser!


nice little snake game. :)