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muito top

As a practitioner of chaos magick, I wanted to share that while some of these symbols are commonly used in alchemy, they can also be used as sigils in modern practice. To create a sigil, it is necessary to encircle the intended meaning of the spell you wish to cast. I hope this information is helpful to you. If you need more informations about magick or looking for do something new in this context, I’m willing to help. :)

:D thanks

I could’nt do it yesterday but I found a way to do it if you’re interested. You have to select the sprites of the animation you want to create a spritesheet in the order starting by the first one up to the last one and you can choose amon vertical, horizontal and compact spritesheet as weel: in this link you can do it, just clean the default sprite and choose the ones you want to use :) . I hope it helps you someway.

Actually I’m kinda busy today, but I can handle the spritesheet issue for now :)

Ok I can do it today will be available tomorrow 8am UTC-3

Do tou mean instead of the single images?

is a good place to sell 3d models? or it is a better place for 2d assets?

This Duck is very cool, man


very cozy

thank you

Opa Luiz, tudo certo? cara eu to com um projeto aqui e estou pensando em comprar essas sprites para fazer um MVP e em breve gostaria de entrar em contato para producao de novos modelos no estilo oriental de combate, vc estaria disponivel?

bom demais puta merda obrigado por fazer para MAcOs okay I had a fun here lol

quite nice

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Looking for an artist to help me I can program and Game design

for sure

feel free to use wherever you want it is CC

yes, of course


hello, i have interest to help on maitain the codes :) i want to gain more experience on market and I LOVE this game, so if you think I can help you, Im willing to try :D

noice :3


thanks! :D I'm grateful for your feedback

yeah, i give up the jam and trying to creating a new thing, but the first version the rules is ok xD

valeu pelo feedback, sempre bom ter gente pra ajudar e interagir! tamo junto

isso ae!

iai thiago kk xD

tmj, mano

ty, buddy!

I'm gonna make a unexpected game with this assets xD

I'm also awaiting for these animations xD


nice work, buddy ;D


very cool