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Hello guys!
My new free basic icon pack is available now!!
My first icon pack and free on, with basic items you will need to start quick projects with unique skills icons.
I hope you like it, guys! Feel free to message me if need any help.

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Hello everyone! I released a while ago my first asset pack here and now he's on sale with 35% discount! The Ds RPG Pack is a top town asset pack with all basic sprites you need to start a new project. They have icons, hero, enemies, buldings and a lot things to you create a excellent new project! I hope you enjoy it guys!


I really, really liked the gameplay <3

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Create a game with this 16x16  graphics package. I did this asset to help everyone. Credit is not necessary!

You can see more in Ds-Store

This pack include:

- 4 chests (2 simple and 2 animataded)

- 62 icons (44 HUD items and 18 skills icons)

- 68 map decorations

- 11 buildings (2 animataded)

- 4 groups of tilesets

- 5 animated characters (each one with a basic attack) / bonus: chicken egg animation

- Menu with moldable UI 

- 12 new Winter's Tree


All that package was made by me, Ds! If you interested in my work, just send a message if you need more.



Discord: Ds#9887

Important Notes:

You can send me a message if you have any problem with this pack.

Again, credit is not necessary,, but i'll be happy if you do.

All files are in PNG format

I'll update this pack with more graphics.

Yooo guys! Today i'm bringing not 1 but 2 game assets for your games. I hope help all you.

Thanks guys. Enjoy it!!

Ds Classic Pack #1

Ds Classic Pack #2

Hahahaha thanks man. I'll update but not now.

Not yet

Thanks man. I hope you enjoy it. <3

Done haha

High quality graphics created by amazing people. More one excellent pack guys.

Oh. I'll fill in the next update!

Not yet! haha

Hi, try now.