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Played this with my friend group after y'all first streamed it a while back. We were miners mining Stank at the bottom of the Deepest Hole In The World, and we eventually overthrew the Foreman of the Stank Pits.

5/5 Would rope my friend who's the best out of all of us at improv into GMing this again.

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This game is hard. I constantly found myself starving for resources and facing challenges too great to handle with my meager forces. I lost quite early on to a creature of 130 STR, then decided to narrate that that creature was the new dungeon boss and keep playing. Then I threw a bunch of my forces at a 40 STR monster, and, while depleted, ended up drawing a card that allowed adventurers at 60 STR to march in and mop up what was left of my defenses. I wish there was a way to start banking Resources and Trade Goods, but perhaps instead of that I should try again and see if there's a wiser way to spend my starting stuff.

More than anything, I wanted to play a game while drawing a map, so rather than start from the bottom again, I may buy Delve and play it from the opposite end of the sheet of paper I was using.

I just played this game for the first time, setting the mood with Dark Ambient music and a set of space-themed playing cards, and spent two hours exploring an underwater planet.

About an hour and a half in, I realized how thoroughly happy my mind was, playing this creative game that requires so little (none, if I had printed it out) digital screentime. I was truly in another world. Thank you for this experience, I'm definitely going to do it again.

Two things I did differently from rules as written. First, I used a random color picker as my "ship's scanner" to inspire the from-orbit view of the planet before touching down. This didn't end up affecting my narration much, but it added to the atmosphere.

Second, I wrote by hand and gave my responses in a narrative style. It ended up really helping me to get in the imaginative headspace, but it also took time which meant I only explored one planet in one sitting.

Again, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you.