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Thank you so much for playing our game, I'm so happy you enjoyed it despite this kind of game not being what you normally play! Adding a slight transition between left/right controls was on our to-do list, but due to the constraints of time, we weren't able to implement it; I think in this case it works out and fits in with the Game Jam's "Out of Control" theme! Thanks again!! 🐱⭐

Aw Jaydon, this is so kind of you to say!! Thanks for keeping up with our work and playing all the games, I'm so happy you're enjoying them! 💖

I LOVE the way the cat moves and how playful it is, I can see the real-life inspiration!!! The physics are implemented really well, and the toys were so much fun to play with! I could honestly play this for days on end, it certainly emulates the feeling of playing with a real cat - excellent work!! 💖

Wow, thank you for your kind words - it means a lot to both of us!! We worked hard to make something enjoyable, I'm very happy you had a good time playing it!

CONGRATS!!! You did it!! 🎉
Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy you enjoyed playing it!

If I had parents who had very lovingly crafted such a cute game for me, I'd be over the moon! Play With Gilbert is a delight for any age, with large levels to explore and just enough of a challenge to urge checking every nook and cranny to find everything. I love that the little bundles of fluff look and sound like real kittens, and dressing them up is an additional joy! Excellent story behind the creation of the game, and the execution was well done!

💜 Aaaa thank you so much, I'm so happy you enjoyed it!! I feel fulfilled knowing that it made you smile - that's exactly what we were hoping for everyone who plays! Awesome job saving all the bugs, time to party in The Bug Zone together!!!  💃

I LOVE this little game: the character designs, how polished it looks & feels, the thoughtfulness behind the puzzles, and the overall theme are all top-notch! Co-op games like this are my favorite, my partner and I had so much fun figuring everything out together! It's impressive that this game was conceptualized and created in less than two days, the quality and care put into it is excellent - well done Ava and Eva!!!

Thank you so much for playing it Jaydon! <3
We didn't know either until this game jam popped up - the animation turned out to be a good source of inspiration for this project!!