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This game is really hard XD thnx!

I picked this up and played it for my Halloween 7 days of horror special a while back, and I am still mentally scarred :D

Replied to N00MKRAD in What do!?

XD oh god, tons of confused and frantic people running around throwing meatballs at each other!

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Congratulations the Padre made number two on my Halloween lineup from forever ago! I was pretty entertained by the sound effects and monsters though being a useless waste of skin couldn't for the life of me handle the tentacle monster in the bathroom!

Ok this was a super messed game, I got a little lost near the end, but you made a spot in my Halloween marathon from...who woulda guessed it, HALLOWEEN! check it out and explain what was I doing here??

Created a new topic What do!?

Hey awesome people, I did a let's play of this for Halloween a bit ago, it is about 9 mins in and I have to ask, am I missing something? did I do something wrong? I couldn't find a real issue or threat besides starvation and I couldn't figure out how to eat XD enjoy the let's play regardless possibly? Love love LOOOVE the meatballs~