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best game I have played in ages and now I finally understand sharks on a personal and emotional level

I did a super late night drunk binge of games and this was one of em, I had a ton of fun thanks! :D


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I did a super late night drunk binge of games and this was one of em, I had a ton of fun thanks! :D

anytime :)

I may not of gotten far but I sure had fun, cool concept!

funny, cute, and creepy! This game was just made for me and I love it!

I'm late to the picnic but at least I brought something to contribute, super fun little game!

YAY :D thanks~

I loooved this game! controls were a bit tricky though but just added to the challenge!

got the good ending as promised~

Anytime! ;P

This game was ruthlessly hilarious and naturally I sucked at it! But I had a lot of fun :)

Woot I'm the favourite! Oh and you better believe I am playing this again, I gotta get between Harold's chicken thighs ;P

dating monster chickens has never been so hot, this game really stirred my mac and cheese and straddled my bidet. Check out my experience below

This was both horrifying and super fun! Way too hard to keep the eyes shut for long XD

XD fun idea, I couldn't pick up one of the food items I needed though no matter how I tried :/

Loved the dramatic music!

I liked this game, reminds me of a simpler time of playing something for fun rather than for records and fame, thanks for the experience :)

fun and creepy game, so many monsters to keep track of! I didn't get far but had a ton of fun ;P

this was super silly fun, check out my experience below!

this was a totally new idea and a ton of fun! I failed miserably and ended my sad little life in a boot but it was a life well lived.

I know very little about batman, I know the characters by name but not much else yet I still had WAY too much fun with this game, please make more and check out my experience below! <3

creepy game, made me jump a few times ^^

Just loved chilling with mannequins!

thanks for the game, had a ton of fun! 

Close Your Eyes community · Created a new topic Gameplay

Had a ton of fun checking this game out, I typically don't do what I'm told but I try to when in a pinch ;P

thanks for the game, had a ton of fun with it!

This is the best thing I ever played, seriously, scary, funny, and kinda true! I might have to do more of this, feel free to check out my experience so far! ps love the atmosphere, overall love it!

Well this game managed to creep me out and bother me, if that was your goal congrats! Here is my experience with it~

I didn't get to play much, but from what I did get to play I was very entertained, good job :)

A creepy one ya did here and some of the scares actually got me so good job! I had a lot of fun with this one~

nostalgia in a hand basket, thanks for this, never jumped so high to seeing Muriel! XDD
great job!

This game is really hard XD thnx!

I picked this up and played it for my Halloween 7 days of horror special a while back, and I am still mentally scarred :D

Ok this was a super messed game, I got a little lost near the end, but you made a spot in my Halloween marathon from...who woulda guessed it, HALLOWEEN! check it out and explain what was I doing here??