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Close Your Eyes

What you can’t see won’t hurt you. · By Gamagami


A topic by aLittleGlowstick created Apr 29, 2018 Views: 737 Replies: 8
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Had a ton of fun checking this game out, I typically don't do what I'm told but I try to when in a pinch ;P


Still loving this game! The mechanics make it so unique! The scares are great as well! Keep it up! 


I've been wanting to play this game for a long, time. this is a scary game by the way so make sure you're ready to crap yourself. I know I wasn't. also let me know if you like the thumbnail.

This is an amazing game. This is only the first installment. I will finish the game and post a full review in the second half of gameplay.

This is such an amazing game. I Here is the second video and review at the end of the video. I can't believe that this game is free. This is an amazing indie horror short and I hope you continue to create games. Overall 10/10

Would say the word "NO" again!

Such a great game even though I hate horror games! 

trys the game and freaks out!

I played and had to enter drug rehab after because of all the crazy stuff I think I saw... 

I can't wait to play more!