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Thanks for letting me know! I'll try and figure out why for the next jam :D

I noticed the audio issue while wearing different headphones - it's really strange. My main headphones was fine and the other headphones had the issue. No clue why, maybe it was a Godot bug? Any ideas?

Thanks for the feedback! It's really helpful!

thanks so much for playing! It was really cool to put this one together :D

*Typing furiously intensifies*

Thank you! That's awesome of you to say.

I did try to add a prompt for movement at the start, but I realised in hindsight that people will probably miss it as they go adjusting volume. Or did you mean more as in a few prompts of where to go and how to move? Hadn't considered that before, thank you

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Thanks for trying it! The control scheme is definitely a bit tricky.

I discovered Vimlark's video on game jam tips AFTER the game jam - he's got a section saying "make it easy to you" - which is darn good advice that I wish I'd had before I went into it :D

The art's really cute! I like what you did with the instructions - I could have done with more of them. I got tripped up a few times not understanding that the blue meter had to be full to do the orb & I left without the orb when I did fill it so had to backtrack.

I really suck at platformers to be honest, so I ragequit after attempting the disappearing platforms - I ended up so far away when I fell. I can tell you put a lot of care into the level design though! I found the dragonflies frustrating at first, but once I mastered it it began to feel quite zen. :) It was smart to try and not make the player lose too much progress when they die.

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Oops! I *think* I broke it by spam clicking the 'create a planet' button! It started crediting me by about 2000 atoms a second all of a sudden (when before I had very little). Maybe you missed a guard against a value going negative?

Anyway, I think this is a pretty solid idle game! The music was a great fit and I liked all the little details with the planets and things merging. I'm a little sad there's nothing to click on while you're waiting for things - give our little monkey brains something to do :D

Any hints on how to catch the yellow bird? It was circling in the air where I couldn't seem to get it. I thought it was attracted to the torch so I moved it and stood back, but it didn't follow.

Love the visuals, great job on that polished menu.