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Aliens From Earth

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very fun game. would love to see a 3d version of it.

Lovely game enjoyed playing it

thanks for the feedback!

Nice game. love the mechanics. The lack of sound was noticable. Good job.

Thanks for the feedback!

there was a bug with the timer and i didnt really enjoy playing it much. also the lack of sound is noticable and I dont feel rewarded for collecting the dice. Good try though.

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Thanks for the feedback! Will try to do better next time.

lmao ded game 

Good luck everyone!

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Will definitely improve the gun mechanics later on. Thanks for playing!

I'll improve the gun mechanics and improve enemies. Thanks for playing!

I will work on this later on. Might add wall run and a better map. Thanks for playing!

uh ok. You should rate honestly tho. Thanks for playing!

I pulled a lil sneaky on ya by not making the buttons visible (jk). the ui is absolutely trash. Didn't get time to make it better (started 4 days late lol). Will definately improve it afterwards. I'll also add ground enemies. And make the music a bit slow paced. Was going for a doom like music so chose metal hehe. Thanks for playing!

I dont know why but the character is invisible. It became visible after I destroyed the first hut (i think). Love the art. Some music owuld be nice. Game has a lot of potential. gives off a fancy pants vibe ngl. Good job!

love the idea. the explosion effects are really good. the music could have been better. good job!

game was pretty decent. didnt have a start menu so i got confused as the game started instantly. good job!

absolutely love the art! and also the amogus reference (you're a little sussy baka aren't you). the game was very fun to play. the idea is very unique. loved it!

About the performance issue, i didnt optimise the game actually. it struggles to give me a solid 30fps even on my pc haha. Ill make a fixed spawn location for the enemies with portals and all in a later update and the UI needs a lot of work. i didnt have time to make it better (started 4 days later lol) . Thanks for playing!

will definitely improve the ui. Thanks for playing!

if u have time, rate mine as well please:

The ui is trash. Didn't get time to make it better but will definitely fix it in later update. Will fix the crosshair as well. About the grass, it's a problem with unity itself. I'll try fix it later on. Thanks for playing!


could you please rate my game? I only have 14 ratings (need 6 more)

might make one after the jam is over.

the art looks cute. the game  was a bit too hard for me.  didnt really like the audio. otherwise the game is very good.

love the concept, very unique! the graphics look cute.  love the art style. awesome game!

like the art. the music is decent. had some trouble figuring out how to play. some instructions would be cool. good job!

love the retro style  graphics. had fun playing. couldn't figure out what to do with the 'open system' tho.

lovely graphics. cute gameplay. loved it! could use some better music but otherwise game looks epic.

thanks for playing! will definitely improve the UI.


thanks! About the health bar, the player dies in 1 hit due to a bug (which I didn't fix), so I removed the helath bar. Will fix the rock textures and make the UI better. Thanks for playing!

lovely game. was very fun to play!

the game has the 90's retro feel to it. loved it!

cute graphics. lovely concept. could use some background music. good job!

you can play mine if you want:


thanks for playing! The ui is very bad. Wanted to make it better but didn't have time. Will play your game after a bit. (Got studies and all)

pretty cool game. lacks some background music and some sound effects. looks cute.