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awesome as always

Excellent I will try that for sure

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example image

We have many ongoing projects, using several licenses of PixelOver bought on Steam, and we often need to add outlines. However, when adding outlines to layers with some transparency along the edge pixels, the outline is offset.

One thing that would be very helfpul would the ability to either

a. have a setting to set threshold on the alpha (ideally using neighboring colors to multiply as needed) and/or

b. have a threshold setting for the outline to overwrite pixels containing X% transparency

we love PixelOver - a LOT - this would be very helpful. There might even be a way to do it in the existing INDEX / MODULATE shader params, I just havent found it yet



pomelo my favorite :)

I have acquired this on the unity store, since this is where I manage my Unity assets. DO you think that it would be possible to integrate this as a runtime tool? I.e. load an object, make it rotate programmitcally and then save out the spritesheet?

love it

I wonder if this could be implemented in Photoshop as well? Would be super useful - have found / developed a couple manual methods - but nothing as easy as this!

Excellent - much appreciated!

Hi - sorry - what is the license on this pack? I want to use to use for a tiny game and some promotion.

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YOu are correct of course. I've already bought all of these packs since that day - I support hundreds of indie devs every year. Can't imagine what I was thinking when I wrote that!  lol  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No problem! Love all the things. Looking forward to it.

Just a heads up - when I tried to hit the Buy Now button, I get a 404 error. Excited to play!

Is there anyway to have a smaller bundle of just these food assets? ( won't allow purchases of less than $1)