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Alien Tek

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Any chance you will do Sci-FI?

Hi, upon purchase, what is the license for this music

Do you have the characters without weapons

Glad to have you back! Another amazing pack as usual!

These are great!

Awesome! I love your stuff, glad it's getting more exposure!

Hey, are you aware that your resources are on this website?
Just wanted to make sure you gave permission.

Great work as usual!

Hey! Longtime fan, first time commenter. Do you plan to release anymore running sprites for existing characters for this set of sprites?

Do you ever bundle music of the same type into a single package? Like all of the Cyberpunk mixes together?

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I might have found a compatibility bug with Yanfly's Plugin Switches and Variables. When ever enabled, the "Show cards" plugin commands don't work. It doesn't matter what order the Yanfly Plugin is in either.

Awesome, thanks!

Is there a recommended tileset that goes well with this style?

I'm so incredibly excited for this!

I would love to see these expressions:

Do you have an easier way to put your sprites into a sheet? 

Do you take commisions or requests? Also, do you have a patreon?

These are awesome! I love that you guys have gotten around to player battlers now! Another stellar pack.

Is there a command to turn off the plugin on a map?

Absolutely awesome

Hey Szadi, i purchased the RPG Worlds bundle a few months back and this one says that it was in that bundle, but it is not appearing in it. Is it possible to send you the proof of purchase and I can get this pack?

You guys are doing phenomenal work. I love your style and I am looking forward to supporting further work! (Also, those definitely look like a collaboration with Aekashics, but either way they look sick and I'm super excited)


Hi! Are the battlebacks that you use available anywhere?

Awesome, thanks!

No worries, thanks for the swift response!

Hey! Do you guys have plans on creating sideview battle sprites for some of these sets as well? I absolutely love this styl

When say sprites are you referring to the models? or the separate frames?