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OMG, thanks for that quickly answer. I will E-mail you then, thanks.

I will try to get some people and work in a fanmade translation of RR, with your consent of course. It will be a pleasure!

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Well, hello! Firstly, i'm going to apologize in advance cause I know i will make a lot of mistakes in this message. I'm Alice, i'm from latin america... I don't know where to start; it have been a lot of time since an Otome Game make me addict; i play otomes since 14, and i left it because i feel that the main characters were always the same... Generally I download games but never end them, since it became really boring to see the same always. For curiousity -I mean, it was the first time i see something like "managing a band" game-, i download Rock Robin; and it results in an incredible surprise: I FUCKIN' LOVE ROBIN!!!!!! the girl is the baddast woman in the world...

I love the game, I love the music, I love the variety that offers. Literally, I couldn't stop playing until I finish the first route (I play Dallas first <3), and today i'm trying the open mode... it's more difficult than i expected to be, btw

I want to ask you (Since i pretend to try al the romanceable characters), how can i access to the premium content and to the cheat table? (don't mind me for wanting to cheat xDD)

And again, thanks for making such an amazing game... I'm trying to make some publicity for RR between my friends, but not everybody want to try an english game.

PD: another thing, i don't know, but have you ever think about translate it to spanish or other language? If you ever try it or need some help, i want to offer my hands for that (I'm better translating thins for english to spanish, than writting in english ;w;). We need some good games like this in spanish, seriously.