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Seems like there should be a check to ensure villages with an actual population, lol.

Really glad you wrote that. The part of the story I'd missed was fantastic. Though there are a few errors in the writing I noticed for this part that feel big enough to point out:

On the line ""Don't lie to me, my number one not-fan. I can tell!" said the poet", the poet should be the dancer. Also for "Wh-why did you make me wait...?" it feels like the name is switched around.

Ah, I think I see where I went wrong. Lycoris makes a comment on one of the bad endings that a good ending can only happen from telling the truth so after that I hadn't told Daffodil that the food was good. I think that's probably why I was having trouble getting it. Thanks!

Oh, is that so? That's a really neat touch.

And yes, I'd really appreciate it if you would do that. Unless completing both routes unlocks new choices to make or something (which I haven't noticed after replaying the entire story two more times after completing both their routes) I'm really not certain what to do to advance at this point.

Also a second question: I know I'm missing stuff since Lycoris has made that pretty clear but how do I get from the story before that to whatever I'm missing? I've gotten the good and bad endings for both Daffodil and Madeleine as well as the bad ending from leaving early. I'm really not sure what choices I could make that I haven't made yet. Lycoris made a comment about not lying but I've tried that and it just ended with me back on Madeleine's path again.

Bit of a random question but when you give Lycoris your name can she give different responses according to the name or was it just a hilarious coincidence that she made a comment about Wonderland after typing in the name Alice?