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I found this really old jam jar somewhere in the attic. It had a residue of labels and a yellowish tint.
I asked chatGPT and it suggested me to add some vinegar and baking soda to make it shine and good as new, hacked.

How is your jam preparation going?

Update 1:

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Upload me high score, nice

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Hello, You need orange juice on your mouse and keyboard

 to make it work.

This game is a scam. I want my refund and version 2 with more pictures of wales, Ireland and Scotland.

Thanks alot! Just learning from the community :D.

Thanks! Really glad you liked it

Thank you so much!  I enjoyed your game alot too!

Coming again to play it! I really liked the runner gameplay, wish there was a infinite level :D.

Thank you so much for playing! The comment that I always waited for!

Very cute veggies and cutest boss fight ever. Nice

A very fun smoll game! I like. Like the voiceover and the effects, a very cool way of story telling.

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Hello, when can I get a jar of libgdx orange jam.


Thanks alot !

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Thanks!!, though I will try to make a better game of your type! One of my favourite hackers!

Thanks for the comments and valuable feedback, I will try to fix the same :D

Still playing after 4 months, Need version 2.0, else get hacked ngl

Very cute game! Completely stuffed and sprinkled with lyzes hacks! Love the sounds

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wow, it makes my headache go away 

and brings even a bigger one

why did i not find this game, minesweeper rip off, copyrights strikes wait for it

Why am i playing this game 50th time? I love the sounds and concept



Very cool game! Held my interest for longer than expected

Ray casting  wow! Amazing 12 hour entry!

I really loved the concept of room

Also the posters😍 loved it

Makes me wanna try 3D


I love it, please make more games

Also i am beating everyones game this time bye

I am the boss, bye