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Nice one 👍 nice mirroring visual effect. nice music.

Can complete it without flipping world - very pacifist way to finish it.

The only thing this game needs to be perfect and violent challenge is statistics:
1. time tracker
2. max speed gained

But, speaking of violence, the voting-rating stage during jams is violent itself, even for pacifist theme.

Very conceptual. Some arts are awesome.

This virtual gallery concept is having a real shipping potential after some improvements, refinements and moderation. AI's interpretations of some sentences are very creative and open-minded in result. Also, the whole idea of the virtual AI artworks gallery is contemporary as heck.

Yay! Nice! Great folklore reference :)

I heard that Godot still has problems with html5 for GLES3. I encountered  an inability to export the html5 game during my LDs. You may try to export it in GLES2 in test purposes.

Or just attach the archive here and update it as you improve your game :)

Какой у тебя CPU/GPU? Какой fps в игре?

Есть предположение, что этот баг связан с physics frame time в Godot Engine.

Строго говоря,  "кадр в секунду" и "физический фрейм" - это не одно и то же. Но скорей всего если fps в игре ниже 60 - значит, и физическому движку не хватает фреймов, отсюда и пролёты предметов сквозь поверхности.

Когда я играл и пилил свои поделки на слабой машине - тоже постоянно всё проваливалось, включая игрока. Пересел на тачку помощнее - и баги как рукой сняло.

Спросил про CPU/GPU, потому что это действительно может быть так, надо проверить догадку.

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Dope game. - it is positive review.

Negative part: the Late Game is underdeveloped.

At wave 20 (approximately) you already dont mind zombies.
At waves 25-30 you stop to care about ammo, it starts to grow.

After wave 35  there is no real progress, except slow stats pumping.

What expected at LATE GAME:

Solution 1: When two big guns are pumped to 100 dmg each - player being announced that there are 10 waves left, each grows significantly with the final "boss" wave (beatable ofc). Then "endgame" script.

Solution 2: To limit amount of waves to 50 with final "boss wave" (beatable). Then endgame screen.

Funny option for both solutions: endgame screen provides an option to continue game infinitely (just in case:)

Other late game perks:
1) Auto-collecting coins (cost 1000 coins, worth it at late game).
2) Ultimate kill-em-all bewmb.

// me died at wave 67 only because I became lazy to avoid zombies and started to rush through them, with 1000+ both pumped to 100 dmg sniper and rocket bullets and 7000+ smg bullet (50+ dmg).

So game is generally playable until 50-60 waves, then it becomes boring.

// me came here via that ytb video ;)