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Hi, I really enjoyed the demo, and I was wondering if there are any kind of updates, or news, since the last comment is about a year old. Great work so far, I hope to see more of it in the future!

Wow, it was pretty good! I really enjoyed the story and kept on re-playing it to get the different endings! There were a lot of choices that led to many different routes. I loved the way it  looked and felt like typical manga/anime characters with their different personalities and quirks! I also really enjoyed how it was possible to dig into the main character's past and it's link to  other characters. It really added some depth to the story and just got me pulled in further more.  The story and different routes were long enough to keep me fully satisfied, although I'm hungry for more! (So I went on your newgrounds page, lol!)  And the characters were all pretty cute and well drawn!  5 stars!

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Wow! That was fun!  I was greatly surprised, it might be a bit short, but so many choices to explore! 

I cannot stop going back to see all the bad/good ends! 

Really loved it! ヽ(o♡o)/ 

When breaking the 4th wall, the narrator is funny!   

Great job!  (^_^)b

And the arts so "Kawaii" !!!! 

I WANT MORE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!  (^人^)