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I've downloaded this and I'm playing it on my hacked 2ds and it's amazing, I love the art and this choose your own adventure style game mechanic, it's really cool

Quick question: are you Italian? Because I was watching a gameplay and the first character we meet in the game is Karim Musa which I doubt is a coincidence an since it's the name of the famous Italian youtuber Yotobi I was wondering if you were in fact Italian or if this was just a coincidence.

same problem here with an Oculus Rift CV1, can't seem to do anything about it

is there any version available for pc vr?

eh sai sarà difficile che lo facciano, di solito questi sono sviluppatori indipendenti e non è che trovano facilmente in America persone che parlano bene l'italiano e disposte a tradurre tutti i dialoghi e i testi nel gioco, poi certo di solito ma non sempre

is there any version for pc vr?

This was truly an experience, while I was walking I kept repeating to myself "please don't have some monster following me" and honestly up until the end I had no idea if there were actual creatures in those halls or if it was just noise, and *spoiler alert* in the end, even though I predicted that the body would just get up and run towards me, it totally made me jump, this was so good lol, great job!

any way we can get the ar app

Will this ever come to pc vr like Oculus Rift

is there any way I can play this on pc with oculus rift?

for the sexclusive content do I have to join only for joystick joyrider and up or do I get them with button masher too?

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I read on twitter it should work for 3dof devices, is it true? Wait, it says apk and I guess it's because it's for the quest (I don't have a vr headset so I don't know how it works with apk files on the oculus app, I wanted to play it with vridge on my pc, will there be any pc version?)

nice now that flash player has been disabled I can't play this anymore again nice :,(