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These. Look. Gorgeous! I'm so glad you could find the original artist, they are really, really talented!

Yes, exactly. Nothing happens when I click on them either

Posted in Open Beta + FAQ

I'm not sure if this counts as a bug report but I've done Xander's route several times already and when I do his path once, for example, and check the Memorabilia, his scenes aren't there. I tried closing the game and opening it again but it doesn't do anything. The same thing happens with Jammy.

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I've checked out the Xander route but can't seem to romance him yet (maybe I shouldn't have Robin hit on him at the beginning? I'll try other choices soon) but something I've noticed is the game crashes at the end of the Pizzaz II scene (the friends route, not romance route). It just shows me a notepad file with a bunch of code.

Also, yay new features!! I really like the punk house ^^

I'll be sure to send you an email then, thank you so much! ^^

As a fellow (amateur, but still) writer, I completely understand your struggle! So far all of the paths have been great (I say this because I just finished Collin today and it was just as good as the other stories) so be sure to take as much time as you need, no pressure and all that :)

(With that being said I'm still really excited to see what Seth is all about haha)

OH! I didn't see that little button... sorry for asking then! (I wish I found out about that sooner haha) So yeah, essencially I just missed the little "Aa" button that lets you change the title of the album... thanks for the help!
Created a new topic I'm in love with this game!

Hello everyone who might be reading this! I found out about this game some months ago through a YouTuber I used to watch (and still do, in fact), but only got to play through it recently and I thought I should give my opinion on it so far. I've done Dallas, Beau and Emmit's paths, accidentally got the Sterling ending once because I was playing through Dallas' route a second time and tried some different options, romanced Whiz and Faust and went through Emma, Basty, Blue Rose, Alessandro, Natasha and Joel's storylines (although I missed a couple of scenes here and there. Will have to go back for them later). I feel like I'm somewhat able to give out a solid opinion on the game and let me just say- this game is a blast! Especially when you're already a fan of visual novels and bands in general- the theme of this game got me really intrigued, to say the least, and it didn't disappoint at all. I also have some questions, though.

First of all, the path I played first was Dallas'. It was both heartbreaking and thrilling to see them go back and forth in their relationship, considering their past together, which only made it more realistic and more exciting to read through. Sometimes I had to stop playing for a bit just to catch my breath (which is not a bad thing at all)! Although it did get frustrating in some scenes where I was literally screaming at them to just forget the past and move on, but the element of conflict in their relationship really had to be there, I'm glad it was, and on top of that it was brilliantly written! Not to mention the flashbacks proved to be a really neat way to get to know Robin's past better. I don't think I need to mention this was my favourite path- I just love Dallas, alright? Alright!

Then, Beau. I wasn't expecting his path to be that interesting because I thought he had no chemistry with Robin, but boy was I wrong! Their relationship was really interesting, starting off as really back and forth (though in a more comedic and amusing way then Dallas' for sure, with the whole fake relationship ordeal and Blue Rose) until the 'breakdown' scene where they finally go at each other- and from there? I did not expect Beau to be so forward and intimate with Robin this quickly but it turned out to be so... perfectly unperfect in a way- I mean, their scenes were realistic, genuine, and very well written. A very distinct path that deserves to get as much recognition as the other ones- though Dallas is still my favourite, sorry Beau haha.

Finally, Emmitt. At this point, I actually didn't know what to expect from him since I never really liked his character that much, but it turned out to be a breath of fresh air compared to the other paths by how lovey-dovey, sweet and light-hearted it was. It definitely made me like Emmitt more as a character, and once again it was really well written! Though I feel like this path is a little overrated, but that might be just my personal hipster preference talking. Anyway!

Basty's story was certainly something else- totally wasn't expecting that much depth in his story but it totally proved me wrong! As for Alessandro, Emma and Blue Rose's stories, I don't have much to say about them- not that they're poorly written, I just never really liked those three characters that much since they were introduced in story mode. Their paths were still enjoyable to play through though (especially Rose and Whiz's romance, as well as Emma and Faust's. Those scenes were great!) I don't have much to say about Natasha and Joel either, but they were a neat addition to open-ended mode for sure.

As for open-ended mode romances, I really liked Whiz's path! His smirky and cocky attitude made me not like him that much when he was first introduced in story mode, but I gave him a chance and he did not disappoint. The exact same thing happened with Faust, in fact- Faust's scenes made me open up Google Translator just to see what he was saying and actually made me like German more as a language! (no offense to all germans out there, just wasn't that fond of the language before.) His scenes were really intriguing.

So with all that, I'm currently achievement-hunting the game (and I still have to do Collin's path!) and still finding enjoyment while playing it. Seriously, thanks for making this game!! Also, any chance to know when you're going to release Seth's path? And is it possible to rename album titles? I've tried to click on the name and rename it but it just made the album "Untitled".

Hopefully you'll keep updating the game, I've had so much fun with it and I'm sure other people will too. I'll consider doing fanart for it... but I'm a terrible artist so, don't count on it haha. If you're a fan of the game like me, what's your favourite story/open ended mode path? I'd love to hear other people's outlooks. Thanks for reading, and as always, have a fantastic day!