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I recently incorporated your plugin into my Unity game. The WPServer object sees the game I created in my Wordpress plugin (i.e. it lists the game's name in the `Select Game` dropdown). 

Here is my simplified code:

CMLData loginCredentials = new CMLData();
loginCredentials.Set("username", "someUsername");
loginCredentials.Set("password", "superSecretPassword");

When I call this code, I get the following error:

WPServer Error: No Data Returned from Server

I've tried this with valid username/password pairs, invalid usernames, and valid usernames with invalid passwords. I get the same response for all combinations. 

I notice that I am able to get the same error when I hit the `Refresh Games List` button within the WPServer. The WPServer Select Game dropdown will then show `No Games Found` until I run my game in Unity. After playing and then stopping my game, my games shows back up in the dropdown menu.

Any idea what's going on? I checked the php scripts in Wordpress, and they appear to have the correct permissions. I have not made any changes or customizations to them.

  • Unity Version: 2018.1.9f2
  • Wordpress Version: 5.1.1

Can you send your OS information? This project is built in Godot 3.0, and we had little time to test it across platforms. 

Thanks for this feedback, TigerJ! Levi and I are working on implementing several of the bugfixes and improvements you suggested. Hopefully they will be released soon.