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The "Nation" can be a cruel place.

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I'll add this - If you roll a hex you just previously visited, reroll until you roll a different hex.

Choosing to fail tests is a bit harsh; a reroll should suffice.

"I hit the Parking Lot five times, lol."

HOW? Did you roll back into the Parking Lot hex over and over again? Remember, "Treat this hex as an Open Road hex when you enter this hex again."

Print Friendly Versions of the rules, Driver Records & Hex Map are up.

Working on that ;) atm.

Solo for now, but you can compete, the least hexes travelled and whether you survive. I will write something soon.

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Gameplay -

Yet another piece of wonderful art by added.

Make your game free or provide community copies so everyone can give feedback. You can charge for it after the jam. Just saying.

I am unsure if this will have a physical version.

I will in the near future.

You awake to find yourself in a corner of a dark, unfamiliar room; you cannot see a thing. The two walls against your back are cold, clammy, and made of stone or concrete.

DARK ROOM is a simple 4-page Solo TTRPG.

Ectoplasmic Entity Contact, a Paranormal Guidebook, is a guide for all paranormal Investigators who wish to communicate with Entities. This guide aims to allow Investigators to reveal details about Entities, such as their name, age, cause of death, true-form, ghost-form, unfinished business, etc. Using the simple techniques provided in this guide, the Investigator will learn how to communicate with Entities surrounding them. 

This guide describes a solo method that focuses on using questions and recording an Entity’s responses but can be expanded and modified for group use.

Added more wonderful art by to the book/pdf EXCITING!


When I open the file is just grey.

Can we have instructions, I am having trouble bringing images in.

Tell me what you think.

Fixed, thanks for the heads up.

Weird, I don't have that option.

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Paypal seems like the only option, I don't know how you purchased any games here without it. Are you fishing for freebies?

Depends on where you are located.

Go through with PayPal, there is a Pay with credit or Visa debit card option, for those without PayPal accounts.

Does even allow that?

what do you suggest?

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Adding wonderful art by to the book/pdf EXCITING!

I may channel the aid of Demons, or make a deal with the Devil to help me with the art, or I may hire an Art Fiend.
Time will tell, any advice Faust?