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thanks a bunch, I’m glad to hear it!


The system and mechanics are super interesting; fun to learn, well-paced. I understood it a bit more each round I played, and I felt super motivated rather than discouraged each time. A delicate balance to strike with a strategic game like this!

Super fun; it feels like there's a lot of room for creativity when building your grid. Really smart to have the trash can forfeit your chance at a new move, too.

The art is gorgeous and full of personality, and I love all the little shader-touches like the wigglewobble and the liquid backdrop // transitions. I feel so proud of Marian, they're gonna do so great in their new role. Last lord was v rude.

The music is really great, it strikes that sweet spot of setting a mood but not being too intense, fast-paced, or obnoxious. I was doing turns in between tasks for work, and I just kept the music looping the whole time because it's legit pleasant and not tiresome at all.

GREAT JOB everyone! I would love to see this get picked up/funded and developed as a full game, it is and also would be a really fantastic game!

Shoot, thanks for letting me know! I've removed the Mac build for now while I'm troubleshooting it – if I can get it going I'll put it back up; alternatively, if I can get the bugs out of the WebGL in-browser version, I'll get that up instead.

thanks for the kind words! It was so fun watching you play, I’m glad you dug it — keep up that rad goblin energy!

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woahhh really?? That’s awesome! thanks for letting me know! Wooo!

Thanks so much for the kind words! I don't have a ton of advice on 3D modeling since I'm definitely still learning myself – but I do really like to start on paper. Every time I've tried to start out first in Blender, even with photo references, it doesn't turn out very well. But when I spend some time drawing it first, getting the personality right and all the little details and proportions, I usually end up happier with it. But definitely do what works for you, and don't be afraid to stray from class learnings! That's only one point of view and sometimes you gotta explore methods a bit to find something that hits your brain in that natural way

thanks a bunch Andy! glad you dig it!

Don't give me too much credit! I owe a big thanks to BennyKok's Rhythm Game Starter kit on the asset store for doing 90% of the really tough work. The true magician!

oh wow! Sorry that last bit is pretty rough. Maybe I should tone it down, or at least add some difficulty levels. Thanks for sticking through it!

Ahh dang thanks so much!! You’re too kind. And I’m glad to hear I could induce some sweaty moments!

ah dang I had a hunch I shouldn’t upgrade. Now I know! 

I love this. So fun and such a funny idea.

This is a really great idea to teach scales. I found myself learning as I went for sure. Also I really like how the pads feel magnetic.

Love that crunchy bitcrushed music. It speaks to my soul

Now that is some top notch Ominchord usage. Love the abstract art too, I could use many a game that looks and sounds like this

The exquisite corpse formation of lyrics is such a fun idea! Enjoyed bouncing around the level too.

Really fun to play with! A nice challenge how we've got to pay attention to visual and audio to get a match. 


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Great look and feel! The changing rhythms were a nice challenge too. Came out real nice!

the note swapping is a real nice mechanic to wrap it all around! very spooky vibes too, fun stuff

Wow, really wonderful. The music is really beautiful, and I love the illustration. I think my favorite part was having to listen and have my ears guide me with the stereo effect, that was a really fun way to play. And a perfect length for the story too. Great job!

I wasn't able to open this one :( (I'm on Mac)

Thanks a bunch Pat!

Thank you Pete – really glad to hear you enjoyed it!

Thanks a bunch Dustin, much appreciated – I'm glad you had a good time! 

I still have a hard time beating him., attempt #3 is super impressive.