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Alexandra Diljá Bjargardóttir

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Yes, I at first also thought I got stuck but if you look around the village following the roads you will find various things that'll help you :)

I really like the concept here, would love to see you evolve it further, well done!

Haha the ending :) well done!

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Love the art style and the drawn textures. I think I didn't quite get what I was supposed to do but the concept is interesting and I'd love to see it evolved further, well done!

What a great concept and such a creative take on the theme. Really well done! 

Love the art style and the drawings! So nice. Also what a good concept that you'd accidentally piss off an elf. It's easy to picture the story and game being evolved further and the tourist could get into all sorts of trouble. Well done!

Great take on the theme and  really good concept. I really liked the idea of the memory globes to give more narrative context to the locations. Well done! 

Super well executed, fun take on the theme and the visuals are so nice, great work!

Such a nice little concept and really well executed, it's very easy to picture more levels where the challenge gets harder such as with larger or more windows and more tricky objects.

Really like this take on the theme, like the atmosphere and it's a super interesting puzzle mechanic as well. I did feel that it was sometimes a little too tricky almost, but loved figuring it out! Great work!

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Love, love, love this. Full body chills after that first turn. Walking down the endless corridor... the music, the story... honestly, I get a bit emotional over games like these. What an absolute gem of a game, thank you for making this!

When the music started, I lost it. What an amazing, hilarious gem of a game. Loved it, amazing work!

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327 seconds and I lost because I mined the last HP from the castle haha!!! This was super entertaining and intense. Would love to see this idea evolved further, loved it, really well done!

Such a good concept! Love it, really well done.

This is crazy entertaining haha, I loved it. The sound effects are so good too, well done!

Once I got the hang of it, it was very entertaining to go through the levels! I agree with Paul that maybe clicking one step at a time was a bit laborious but I really liked it nonetheless. The companion is a cool idea and the game in general was very enjoyable, great work!

Sooo addictive! Great concept and really well executed. Love this, well done!

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Loved  the atmosphere, music and sound fx in general. Felt very polished and fun, great work!

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This is so creative, I love it. I was not expecting the twist  and the game is so funny too. Well done!

the people demand a sequel!!!


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I feel a bit stumped by the theme since I am doing a bitsy game which would constrain me to only 3 colors anyway... I think I might have to take some quite loose interpretation of the theme to make my game work  :D

Loved the visuals and sound effects! I wasn't able to pass to the second level, not sure if it was error on my part or not. Gonna play it again tomorrow. Well done!

This is such an original take on the theme! Love the concept and the purring kitties 😍 

I love how cozy and cute this is 😍 I always enjoy a little "slice of life" like this. The character art is adorable.

This was awesome! It took me a minute to understand the mechanics but once I did, the puzzles were super enjoyable. Great spin on the theme!

Would love to see your end screens from SUB. 

I didn't take a screenshot unfortunately but I have found 0 secrets so far. 

This is such a good idea for a game and a super unique spin on the theme! Love it.

The vibes are so good! The sounds creep me out. Love the concept.

Great concept! Love the look, especially when the pink color starts showing through the auroras 😍

This is so much fun! Really well done on adding so many levels. Love the concept.

This is soooo cool. The atmosphere, the music, the discovery! 

A thread for highscores from Northern Lights

Kinda feel like my score should have been 80? haha! I love the look of this game 😍 

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A thread for highscores from Light Canvas. 

My first attempt was not amazing 😅

Love this game concept!

Thank you! Indeed, let's! 

thank you 💕

this is amazing! well done.

Thank you so much, Simon! It means a lot to me. And yes, exactly - when we can do anything, why recreate reality? Love that quote. 

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thanks for playing! yeah, I went a little back and forth on the footstep sounds, but opted to keep them in. I was thinking that if you were walking through this space in real life, you'd hear yourself, especially since the surroundings are mostly quiet. 

Ahhh Kris! I'm so sad I just saw this now. I hope you advertised on the IGI Slack as well because you're a lot more likely to get responses there!