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A fun little game! Great art, fun stories, and unique gameplay. Would love to see this expanded with more classes, and maybe a few more uses for corruption, but overall a solid title.

A fun little game. Biggest issue I ran into was just how easily wounds can build up if you're not playing as optimally as possible, but once you do figure out a good strategy it can be very satisfying. Would love to see this idea explored more in the future.

GOLD GUY UNLOCKED WOO (there can't possibly be more combinations after this, right?)

Great game!

3306! Tons of fun!

Love the vibes. 

Love this series, great stuff!

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A very flavorful and engaging journaling game. The resource management and variety of scenarios to run into  made me excited for each journal entry. My only critique is that with a good roll of resources plus your 6 units of time, it's fairly easy to avoid breaking your code. I also wish the penalties for corruption were more punishing, but the optional rules the game includes can help increase difficulty in that regard. 

Overall though, totally worth a try for the journey it allows you to tell.  

Really strong system and excellent setting for scenarios. Would recommend!

Fantastic scenario, works incredibly well with the Country, would absolutely recommend!

Hilarious game! Great work!

I really solid location for an adventure! Lots of fun details, locals, characters, and dangers to encounter, with a huge amount of room for GM's to create unique scenarios within it. Totally recommended.

As an absolute nut for goblin content, this game is exactly the kind of thing I'm into! Totally worth checking out!

That seems to have been the issue, apologies! I must have somehow missed that text. I'll remove my previous complaint, thank you for the speedy response!  

A lovely take on the entourage concept! Excited to show this off to my gaming groups, great stuff!

Oh 100%! Just make sure to give credit and let me know when it's done, I'd love to see what you end up doing with it!

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A fun little location for a Mothership adventure! The flavor is very strong here and there's a lot of solid tiny plot hooks ripe for expansion in a larger campaign. I do feel like more could be done to encourage engagement with the various bizarro activities the location provides, but overall for the price it's for sure worth a look.

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Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. The setting of the game was incredibly fun to figure out as I was making it, so if there's enough interest I would be more than interested in returning to the setting at some point. 

A delightfully bizarre game, good stuff!

A very fun, if brief, proof of concept game. Great style, very spooky enemies, and the limited amount of information makes for some very tense moments. I do hope that if this is expanded on more work is put into the difficulty of each puzzle, there's a lot of room for memory and light-play in this game that is only slightly touched upon in the few levels we have. Still, would for sure recommend. 

Wow! Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoy the game! Good notes too, I'll for sure look into them when it comes to further updates to the game.
I'm not sure if the expansion to the game can also be included or not, but if it can by all means bundle them together! 
If not, the free game is probably the better choice. 

A cute micro-RPG for a very specific subset of players. I like the advantage/disadvantage style of rolling, and for one-shot situations (ESPECIALLY on March 17th) I could see this being a fun time. The only thing I'd personally add is a few suggested scenarios for fae-schemes the leprechauns might try to accomplish. 

For sure, gotta help out fellow devs after all, lol. 
And rest up! I know how it can be after a surgery. Will be excited to see what further updates you may make. 

A very cool game concept! I can definitely see some strong 10 Candles vibes from it, but with faster set up and execution. I especially love the idea of 8 physical objects for the campers and building emotional connections to them before the game begins. Excellently macabre.

Still, I feel like more instruction on the GM's part would be useful. If the game is intended to happen over the course of one in-game night, the GM will need to keep up a constant number of threats to the campers, but that may end up feeling like overkill if pacing rules aren't clear enough and specific challenges to overcome (beyond the actual enemies chosen early on) aren't established. Maybe having the players need to roll to either fix a generator or call for help or some other doomed goal they need to strive for. 

Cool, I'm interested to see how things may change with this game over time! 

I love this game's premise a lot. Dream travelers jumping from dream to dream to assassinate a god is great concept, and the way the game is structured on paper sells that initial concept well. Depending on your dice rolls and the draw of the cards, you could either be breezing through dreams or deciding whether or not you're willing to throw your life away for one good card. 

However, there are a few elements I feel need greater clarification. Is the game meant to have a game master determining the dangers that the later levels bring, or is the game GM-less and encouraging total group improv. When should indulgences come into play as a threat? How do injuries factor into play? And how do the god dreams under Zeus add to the danger (Zeus makes you reroll 1s, but the other gods don't seem to have clear abilities like that).

I think these issues come mainly from its micro-RPG nature, but with some tweaks I could see this really coming together as a cool experimental game. 

Absolutely! Gotta help out fellow game devs where we can, lol.

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Pretty good, actually! I especially love the gnome trait, I could see that coming in handy in some fun ways. The only one I worry about is potentially the elf, as if only the mage can do magic it sets them up as the mage class instantly. Maybe something like "may cast one free spell a day", so it makes it so you can have an elf cook who uses fire magic to cook the food or something fun like that. 

Very happy to hear that! Builds up my confidence to finally download the game myself. 

With Steam currently not including a Mac version, and running into problems getting the mac demo to work on my machine, I'd just like to confirm whether or not the full mac version of the game runs well for people or not before I make the purchase myself. 

For a one-page RPG, there's some nice stuff on display here. I like that each player has a defined role to take on, an item to take, and a motivation, leading to some pretty quick character creation. The odds and evens dice system is also a quick and clever way to keep the game resource light. If you want to pull together a quick game with your friends, I can see this working.

However, I do think that there are some issues, partly due to its page limit. Outside of the ship mage, the usefulness of the rest of the crew will really depend on the situation and what the game-master decides is going on. Race is also one of those things that's mostly there for flavoring. I feel like to sell the idea of each member of this small crew being important, more definition of what each class/race/item combination could potentially do at the cost of action points would be useful. 

Great to hear! I'm sure you'll be able to figure something out, maybe a few in-text examples of what each act might look like in action or something like that. 

It's a tricky tightrope to walk, I'm sure, though I'm positive you can find some solutions. Maybe play up how those INSIDIOUS VORN can infect even our proud Brigade members, and that finding and "curing" supers who've been infected is TOP priority. 

If there's one thing I really enjoy about this game's rules, it's the core elements of character creation and conflict resolution (particularly if you're choosing to build your character through random rolls on the table). I can easily see how some fun superheroes can be generated and be ready for adventure (for example, a high school recruited superhero who misses his family and can "ignore time???"). There is also an underlying system of either working with or against The Brigade, and depending on your initial stats and the situation at hand, what you actually want to roll can flip dramatically. 

The one issue I see is that while the enemies you face, THE VORN, are thematically appropriate for what the game is going for, they are not traditional super villains with obvious powers that match the players', so unless you tweak the mood of the game slightly you may not be able to find clever situations for superpowers to be used, or worse, have your players figure out what the game's themes are going for way too early. 

Still, it's a unique system and one worth experimenting with.

A little late to the party, but I'd love to get some more eyes on my TTRPG VAMPUNKS should you have the time or interest. Submitted it through the suggestion forum as well. 

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A strange but honestly very clever concept for a one-shot style roleplaying game. Quick to read and easy to set up, with a lot of fun potential for shenanigans, but some elements of the adventure structure itself (particularly the finale) are left somewhat vague, so unless you're already familiar with the folksongs this game is based on you may be left unsure of how to thread everything together. Luckily there's a list of referenced songs in the rules for you to look to for inspiration.

It would be even better if you could customize the "name your own price" text to make it thematically fit with whatever the project is. 

Very happy to hear that! Enjoy!