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Have added golden gears from machines boom. Collect them and buy goods in shop later.

Indy Johnes, is that you?

Have added portals. Do you like it?

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Unexpectedly got video feedback. It is very helpful and i believe it will make game better.


Thank you for suggestion! I think it will be possible to fly up with other weapon which will have more power and high rate of fire.

Did you think about weapon recoil as a weapon? For now it looks like a comb but it still has potential.

What you think about gameplay feature like this? Weapon recoil compensate gravity.

Have added Rocket Launcher. Who likes rocket jumps?

Finally bought Geon FX. It is best particle editor for Game Maker Studio and Game Maker Studio 2. Here is my first attempt to make effect in it.

Have added muzzle flash and boom for machine destroying. + camera roll in shoot direction to make it better

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Game progress for november in 36 sec. Done very much and still need much to do.

Welcome Biggy. You are really fat.

Thanks a lot for your kind words!

Thanks a lot! :)

Meet green crab machines + also experimental trails.

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Have added bullet fly animation for one more weapon. Will call it railgun for a while.

I have added this physical box. Plan to make it breakable. Hope it will be useful in future.

I have added smoke from weapon. Also shell restitution was increased.

I have no time for gifs yesterday. So 2 today.

Added some sparkles when shell hits ground.

Added smoke from some shells. Don't know how to make it better. Any ideas?

First test of shotgun recoil. Need to add more particles.

Should I hide shells in air or on the ground?

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Experiment with shells physics and recoil.

Preparation and participation in the Game Planet took a very long time. Just today I was able to return to development. The event was awesome. I showed my game to real gamers, got feedback, met great developers, got new skills. Here how looks my stand before the beginning of festival.

Using SCP program to connect #PS4 and #PS3 gamepads to #windows10. Also good program DS4Windows but it only works with #DS4.

Using string with comma separated weapon names to make weapon list

Thanks a lot. Working hard to make it looking even better.

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It will be good to have a tool in GameMaker for object grouping. What tools you use for grouping?

Making splitscreen deathmatch. Have placed respawn points on map and respawn players in it in random order. To make it i add all points to list and choose one of them randomly then delete it from list to avoid duplicate. Wonder how you do it?

Friends, is there a way to hide big screenshots like this under spoiler?

Hello everyone. In this thread i will make development logs for my new game. It will be HD sequel to my old game Scrappers.
Below you can find screenshots and gameplay video from old game.