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Hmm, you're right, I restored a copy of 1.3.0 and it's broken too now.  Very weird -- I assume there's no "break my mouse buttons" option I might've set by mistake?  Buttons are also working fine on desktop and in other games.  Oh well, no worries, it's clearly something specific to my environment -- I'll figure it out sooner or later.

After I updated to this release from 1.3.0 my right and middle mouse buttons no longer work in the game.  :(  (Windows 10, Logitech mouse with G HUB running, but mouse buttons not remapped.)

Heh, and of course I noticed that you posted a version with controller support between when I played and posted my comment.  :)

Very nicely done! I finished the game but I suspect I didn't really plumb its depths -- I was mostly running around with my fox with the other two trailing me.  Some comments to help make it even better:

The controls are a bit awkward. I think it would play better with a gamepad and some kind of auto-aim for the pouncing (or even use the second stick to aim).

The footprints were hard to read as the color gradations were too subtle for my eyes.

And personally I wished that the extra foxes had some kind of influenceable AI (e.g., hunt same target as me, block exits, scout map, etc.) rather than direct control since I found this hard and distracting from the tension of the game.