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Me encantó el juego inge, bastante util para el repaso de masa molar y la formula empirica, es lo mejor! :3

It is a very good game, highly recommended, the game juice is perhaps what stands out the most in my opinion, the AI of the enemies is quite well done, although perhaps the difficulty needs to be corrected, since at a certain point it feels like too much congestion of objects and perhaps it finds better ways to raise the difficulty without resorting to this, however for a jam game I love the concept and it is quite well applied, finally I would like to highlight the soundtrack, it is really good and quite in line with the scenarios that the game presents, my congratulations! :3

Una gran experiencia! (vine por Alva Majo)

Just in case the information helps you to prevent your computer from being infected and more computers from getting infected as well, it is a great tool, very useful for game maker but just because of the virus factor, it gives you a little mistrust, anyway thanks for contributing this for the game maker community

I just tried to download the source code and it also detected a virus, according to my antivirus it is a Trojan: Win32 / Zpevdo.B, but the truth is I don't know if that is part of the extension, because if I have seen that some files contain dlls usually detect them as viruses

no, no, I mean that when I download the windows defender file it detects it as a virus, it also detects it at and it also detects it as a virus

windows tells me it is a potential virus, should I be concerned?