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Noosferaatuuu! (^w^)

Love that it comes out and goes back in lol

Spooky, great work!


This is great!

So elegant, loved it!

Great modeling!

LOL this is great.

Thank you! 😀

I can see what you mean now, you are totally correct. Thank you so much for taking the time to show me! 😀 And thanks for the comment on the model 🙏 This jam was really fun to participate in, the picoCAD community is slowly but surely growing in numbers.

Moving water is a nice detail!

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OK, I edited my submission to mark it as not using the limitation because I trust you're seeing something I'm not.

I didn't use Z while making the model, only the mouse and the arrow keys. Is there something else that I could've done without realizing that keeps things off the snapping grid? 🤔Could you please be more specific as to why you think it doesn't adhere to the limitations? Thanks! 😀

This was ambitious, so much going on! Very nice.

I love the detail of the wind direction on the little colored flags, good job!

Such a cute little scene, love it.

Really nice 👌

Oh yeah 😎

This is just like whoaaaa 🤯

Thanks! I know right? That was a killer soundtrack.

The plant was a nice detail, good job!

Nice job!

Good job!

Beautifully done! 👌

Whoa that's awesome 🤯, thanks for the tip!

Wait, what is this wizardry? Is that squirrel moving around? 🐿 This is so cool.


You're right 😮 I hadn't noticed the cover image is squished rather than cropped.

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My advice is to export a GIF of your model and upload it as a cover image and screenshot of your asset pack, so it's easier for everyone to see :)

Also, if you need help you should check out this guide:

At least he's stuck in the SNES era, enjoying some sweet Mode 7 graphic juice.

This is amazing, mad respect!

It was for the good of all of us (except the ones who are dead...).

Think of all the things we learned 😀

Thanks! Indeed, it was delicious (and moist). Made a neat gun tho.

This is super cute

Nice job!

The detail is great, really nice job.

I was going to do the Master Sword, but I'm glad I didn't because you did such a good job!

Loved the sparkly detail on the moon